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  1. Ernie Ball Music Man Classic Stingray 5 - Natural #6908
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    If one were to imagine a 5 string bass built in the 1970's, the picture would look much like the Classic Stingray 5. The Classic Stingray 5 pays tribute to the original Music Man bass designs from the mid to late 1970's with added modern refinements. String-through body bridge, mute kit, small profile nickel frets and a curvy 7.5" radius neck are key specifications that harken back to the early days of Music Man production. A modern six bolt neck attachment and an easy access truss rod adjustment wheel ensure solid construction with no hassle adjustments. The Classic's tone remains true to the original with an ash body, 2 band EQ and a standard Music Man Alnico pickup.

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  2. Mesa/Boogie Mark V - Private Reserve Claro Flamed Walnut & Wicker Grille - 1x12 Combo

    Upgraded with Mesa's Private Reserve Claro flamed Walnut, and Wicker Grill!

    The Mesa/Boogie Mark V is the pinnacle of decades of Mesa research, development, blood, sweat, tears, and love. And it's in a combo! It's less of a guitar amplifier and more of a collection of guitar amplifiers, including all of the best features and tones from the Mark I, Mark IIC+, and Mark IV. Think of it as a Greatest Hits album with some bonus tracks thrown onto the end, which could really be singles in their own right. The squadron of knobs and switches ensure that you're able to dial in whatever tones you need, and the new Simul-Class Power Amp featuring Multi-Watt and Duo-Class technologies give you three unique and switchable amplifier operating systems: 2 power tubes operating in pure vintage Class A (single-ended) producing 10 Watts, 2 tubes running in time-honored Class A/B producing 45 Watts, or 4 tubes running that blends the best of Class A and Class A/B simultaneously to produce 90 Watts / 4x6L6 (or 4xEL-34), 7x12AX7, 1x5U4. Three fully independent channels with nine modes offer even more tonal customization, and a graphic 5 Band EQ comes at the end of the signal change to make sure your tones can be tailored to your ears. A bevy of further options are at your disposal, including tuner footswitch outputs, a Bias Select Switch to switch between 6L6 and EL34 tubes, Output Level Control, Slave Out with Level Control, and even a switch to silence the fan! Mesa really thought of everything!

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  3. Zvex Box of Metal

    Overview: The Box of Metal (tm) is an aggressive high-gain pedal with a highly-effective built-in switchable gate which dramatically reduces noise and unwanted feedback. It is available in Vexter (2-year warranty) and hand-painted (lifetime warranty-my lifetime) versions. Its gain and tonal characteristics are somewhat similar to high-gain tube amplifiers that have been the staple of hard rock and metal sounds since the 80's. On the right, there is a true- bypass switch with an indicator LED to bypass the entire effect. On the left is a gate switch which is only effective when the pedal is on (the gate cannot be used separately.) When the gate's LED (on the left side of the pedal) is ON, the gate will be active whenever the pedal is turned on. The gate is very useful for cleaning up any noise between palm-muted chords and lead phrases, but may be switched off to initiate feedback or to stretch out soloed notes that are fading into noise. Switching off and on the gate is silent so the gating action of the pedal can instantly be changed during any part of the performance to fluidly integrate soloing and palm-muted chords.

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  4. Mesa/Boogie Mark V Head
    IT TOOK 40 YEARS of Randall Smith's experience designing high-performance tube amps to get this much TONE under one roof and keep it easy to dial. More than a collection of amplifiers, the MARK FIVE™ is a living history of MESA's® contributions and a tribute to the evolution of electric guitar tone. THEY'RE ALL HERE: the MARK I®, the MARK IIC+®, the MARK IV®… all these are faithful recreations that benefit from our decades of refinement and leave many saying they're better than the original! More than our Greatest Hits, you'll also find some new Brit-inspired circuits here that rival these classic Boogie sounds and are destined to become iconic on their own merit. No less than 9 patents stand guard over your Tone… ensuring your investment will be protected and your amp will hold its value. (MARK II C's and MARK IV's still sell for more than their original purchase price). Beware of Imitators! Learn More

4 Item(s)