Way Huge

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  1. Way Huge - Angry Troll Boost

    Angry Troll™ Boost



    • Volume and gain to pummel the input of amp.
    • Anger knob adjusts the gain with six Fists of Fury positions.
    • Volume knob regulates the overall output level.
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  2. Way Huge - Red Llama Overdrive

    Red Llama™ Overdrive



    • Reissue of the first and highly coveted Way Huge pedal
    • Boutique style overdrive with a small Tweed Amp style tone
    • Transparent and responsive to playing dynamics
    • Simple two knob operation: Volume and Drive
    • Aggressive "Way Huge" style output volume-great for slamming an amp's input
    • CMOS circuit for tube-like tone and dynamics
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  3. Way Huge - Green Rhino Overdrive

    Green Rhino Overdrive



    • 100Hz EQ knob to cut or boost your low end by ±12dB.
    • Curve control to fine-tune the corner frequencies of your tone.
    • Crystal clear leads and punchy, dynamic rhythm tones.
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  4. Way Huge - Pork Loin Overdrive

    Pork Loin™ Overdrive



    • Two distinct tonal pathways.
    • Modern soft clipping overdrive and a modified classic British preamp.
    • Glistening clean transparency.
    • Also sounds great with bass.
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  5. Way Huge - Fat Sandwich Harmonic Saturator

    Fat Sandwich™ Distortion



    • Innovative multi-stage clipping circuit.
    • Passive tone stack.
    • Tuned to bring out the “sweet spot” with any guitar and amp combination.
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5 Item(s)