USED 1918 Gibson A-1 Mandolin

USED 1918 Gibson A-1 Mandolin Item #GibA1

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1918, wow, that was a long time ago. The end of WWI, the United States Congress officially established time zones, God Bless America was written by Irving Berlin, and this mandolin was made. This mandolin has seen a lot of history. When we entered WWII, this mandolin was already 23 years old. We have a 1918 Gibson Style A Mandolin. We believe it was sent back to Gibson at some point and refinished. It has a new bridge to compensate for a slight sinking in the top. It is structurally fine, it won't cause any problems, and the original bridge is included with the mandolin. The top is black, the back and sides are brown. It shows some lacquer checking as to be expected. Overall, it is very clean. It sounds great, the action is fine, the frets are in good condition. It's a good one. Comes with non original case.



USED 1918 Gibson A-1 Mandolin