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  1. SOLD - Fodera Monarch 5 Deluxe - Figured Grenadillo/Mahogany #M54335D
    $10,700.00 Click for price

    Featuring a Mahogany body, beautiful Figured Grenadillo Top, Birdseye Maple Fingerboard, 34" Scale, and Fodera/Pope 3-Band Preamp with Seymour Duncan Dual Coils.

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  2. Fodera Imperial 5 Elite MG Shape - Redwood Burl #28NG
    $11,500.00 Click for price

    This MG-shaped Imperial 5-string features a Walnut body, Alder tone block, Ebony fingerboard, and 3-peice Ash neck. The tone of this instrument can be best described as warm, yet punchy and articulate, with deep, fat lows, slightly compressed mids, and clear, bell-like highs. 35" scale length also contributes to giving this bass a super tight low B.

    Also featrured on this instrument is a gorgeous Redwood Burl solid top, giving it visual flair to accompany its great sound.

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  3. Fodera Imperial 5 Elite - Crotch Walnut #831N
    $12,600.00 Click for price

    This Imperial 5-string features an Ash body, Alder tone block, and Indian Rosewood fingerboard. The tone of this bass is warm yet punchy with a deep, fat low end, and smooth, singing highs. A versatile instrument like this one is great for the working player who needs the tonal flexibility to cover a broad range of musical styles, thanks to its blend of tone woods and Duncan dual-coil pickups!

    This instrument also features a gorgeous Crotch Walnut solid-top with matching wooden pickup covers!

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  4. Fodera Spalted Rainbow Maple Burl Imperial 5 Elite #804N
    $12,150.00 Click for price

    This Imperial 5-string features a Mahogany body, Ash tone block, and Ebony fingerboard. This bass has a rich tone with punchy, deep low end, a growling mid-range, and clear bell-like highs. The 35" scale length also ensures a super tight B string, perfect for holding down the groove.

    This instrument also features a stunning and incredibly unique Saplted Rainbow Maple Burl solid top with matching wooden pickup covers. A top with multiple types of figuring like this is a rare find!

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  5. Fodera Walnut Burl Emperor II 5 Elite #02N2
    $12,650.00 Click for price

    This Emperor II 5-string features a gorgeous Walnut Burl solid top and wooden pickup covers. This particular type of figuring can also be referred to as "Marble Cake", which is only fitting for a bass with such a delicous tone!

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  6. Fodera Emperor Deluxe 5-String - 5A Quilted Maple #579
    $10,850.00 Click for price

    Look at this regal beast! This is a spectacular Emperor Deluxe five string bass from our friends at Fodera Guitars. It took a while to come in, and after hearing it, we're positive it was worth every minute we waited. Delve deep into the low-end with this five banger equipped with Seymour Duncan Dual Coil pickups and a 3 band active preamp, ensuring that other registers can stand out as well. Fodera basses are among the most versatile basses ever made, great for live performances and perfect for studio recording.

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  7. Fodera Imperial Elite Matt Garrison Shape 5-String - 5A Redwood Burl #595
    $10,950.00 Click for price
    We went to the Fodera shop in Brooklyn, New York and had selected this top with the help of the Fodera team. Here's a beautiful Imperial Elite with the Matt Garrison shape. This smaller bodied bass balances perfectly. Learn More
  8. Fodera Emperor Deluxe 5 - Buckeye Burl/Walnut #553
    $10,700.00 Click for price
    After a very long wait it is finally here! A spectacular Emperor Deluxe five string bass from our friends at Fodera Guitars. We handpicked this Buckeye Burl top during a visit to Fodera. We proudly present a bass that sounds even better than it looks! Learn More

8 Item(s)