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  1. Charvel Custom Shop San Dimas - Redrum

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    Charvel Custom Shop San Dimas - Redrum

    REDRUM! REDRUM! REDRUM! We have all seen the Kubrick masterwork,  "The Shining" (not counting of course, the abysmal made for TV version.)  A cinematic masterpiece, Redrum is forever embedded in the national, collective unconsciousness.  Redrum is Murder spelled backwards, (Just in cause someone has been in a coma for 50 years).  This fine guitar, a 2008 Charvel, made in USA, SD NOS 2H CST is now available for sale.  The finish is called ''Redrum''.  It's a wonderful tribute to the film.  Eric Martin, our Beloved Leader, asked Charvel to put red dots on the fingerboard and red tuners....they had never done that before.  This is a unique, one of a kind instrument.  Eric has had this tucked away on the back shelf of our store room, and only now is he reluctantly selling it. This is NOS, new old stock and comes with full warranty.  It sounds great, plays great, it is a superb, one of a kind instrument.  Comes with original hard case.

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