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  1. USED Fender 2006 Eric Johnson Signature Stratocaster

      I saw Eric Johnson play in 1988 at a tiny venue called The Antenna Club here in Memphis, just a block and a half away from where our shop is right now. That was after his "Tones" album had been released and a couple of years before "Ah Via Musicom". I didn't know much about Eric at the time and only went because I'd read an article in which Billy Gibbons said Eric was "an absolutely terrifying player", I figured if Billy thought the guy was great, then the guy had to be great. He opened the set with his now famous song, "Cliffs Of Dover". My jaw hit the floor, and from then on Eric Johnson has been one of my greatest guitar heroes. Here we have a 2006 Fender Eric Johnson Signature Model Stratocaster. This guitar is the brainchild of Johnson himself, designed with Eric's personal preferences and features. This Stratocaster is a result of his expressed desire to give back to collectors, players and; especially his fans. Eric Johnson is famously meticulous in crafting his tone, and every facet of the guitar is designed to Johnson’s own detailed specs, from the specially voiced pickups to the extra-contoured neck and body to the distinctive tremolo assembly and much more. A refined signature model honoring one of modern music’s finest Strat masters.
      This 2006 Eric Johnson is in excellent condition, with just a few minor dents and scratches. The neck is straight and true. There is no fretwear.
    includes the original paperwork and hardshell case.

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  2. Vintage 1966/1969 Fender Stratocaster Sunburst

    We have a Fender Stratocaster with an Oct 1966 neck, showing some wear, with original frets, original lacquer finish, transition logo, and large headstock. The body is sunburst with a polyurethane finish, and three original grey bobbin pickups stamped 9439. The pickguard is white with white pearloid on the underneath. The pots are 1966, with original plastic wiring. Condition is very good plus. There is wear, nicks and dings, nothing major. It plays great and sounds fantastic. The neck plate is a four bolt F neck plate with serial number 270104 that corresponds to 1969. It has a clean, original black tolex case. It's hard to say if the neck is original to the body. You can make a case either way. I much prefer the lacquer neck, it feels great. It is all original vintage Fender parts, bridge saddles, three way switch and back cover plate.

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  3. Vintage 1968 Fender Paisley Telecaster

    Hey, how about the nicest, original, vintage Fender Paisley Telecaster on the planet? That would be pretty cool, right? Step right inside ladies and gentlemen, that's what we are offering today. As a veteran of 40 years attending guitar shows, being intimately involved in the vintage guitar world, I don't use phrases like the "nicest one" lightly. This guitar may have six months actual playing time, it is amazingly clean. There is no checking or finish discoloration that is usually found on these models. It is super clean. The only cosmetic flaws of note are two small chip on the edge of the back of the body. This a fine collectors grade instrument. It is 100% original, down to the last screw. It is uncirculated and hasn't been taken apart a million times. The maple neck is nicely flamed, it's really pretty. It is just so cool. The paisley finish is bright and vibrant. It has the original ashtray pickup cover, the neck feels fantastic. Last but not least, it sounds great. This is the best one I've seen, and I've seen a few. Comes with original case.

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