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  1. 1986 G&L Broadcaster serial #00002

    Every now and then a guitar comes along that has so much documented history, it reads like a great book. This guitar can be traced back to it's inception. We have a 1986 G&L Broadcaster serial #BC00002. Check that out. Number 2! Here's the story: This guitar was purchased from Kenneth Hyatt, son of the late Dale L. Hyatt. Dale Hyatt was one the original partners of G&L, along with Leo Fender and George Fullerton. The entire saga is written up by Mr. Hyatt's son in a several-page letter that will be included with the guitar. The history is eloquently written and quite fascinating; detailing the history of G&L. I'll give a brief synopsis: Dale Hyatt had worked with Leo Fender for years, back in the Fender days and again, with G&L. When George Fullerton left, Dale Hyatt took over the day to day management of the factory. Mr Hyatt had a keen sense of history and kept the first serial number plates, 00001 to 00059 for special models. In 1986 this guitar was built for Dale Hyatt using the early serial plate and it is signed by Leo Fender.

    This guitar is in mint condition. It has never been played and still has the protective plastic covering on the pickguard. We also have the original shipping box! The "black on black" design again was Dale Hyatt's idea. This instrument is not only historically significant, it's a fantastic guitar.

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1 Item(s)