USED Taylor 326e Baritone-6 Spring Limited Edition - Shaded Edgeburst

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USED Taylor 326e Baritone-6 Spring Limited Edition - Shaded Edgeburst Item #Baritone-6

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Man, I love a Baritone guitar. I remember listening to Ry Cooder records and being floored by the sound. I tried to play along with the songs but my guitar never sounded right. I was playing the right notes but on the wrong end of guitar. To do it right, you have to do it on a baritone guitar. That's where that richness of tone comes from. A simple E or A major chord on a baritone sounds much deeper and fatter than on a regular acoustic. It only took me 20 years to figure that out. Here we have a 2014 Taylor 320e Baritone Guitar in near mint condition. Shows only the slightest signs it was played. The neck is straight and true. The frets are in perfect condition. This is the perfect guitar if you're into downtuning, or to accompany a regular 6 string. It sounds amazing. Everybody should have a Baritone in their arsenal.



From Taylor:
The husky-voiced Dreadnought 320e-Baritone SLTD features sapele back and sides paired with a mahogany top. Between the Dreadnought body style and 27-inch baritone scale length (tuned to B), players can expect a deep, burly tone with loads of low-end growl and woody midrange warmth. The hardwood mahogany top adds natural compression, which helps produce a linear tonal response. The combination of low-end rumble and punchy articulation makes the guitar a great option for weaving bass lines with another guitar part, and all that acoustic depth will translate to any performance setting with Taylor's new Expression System 2 pickup. The guitar comes with a 2014 Spring Limited label and ships in the original Taylor deluxe hardshell case.