Used Morgan Amplifications PR12 Combo with Josh Smith MOD

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Used Morgan Amplifications PR12 Combo with Josh Smith MOD Item #Morgan PR12 combo with Josh Smith MOD

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The PR12 starts with the classic black face tone and then beefs up the low end by giving the power supply of the amp more juice so that it doesn’t fart out like the originals. The reverb has also been modified to add a Dwell control. The Dwell control allows you to control the amount of decay in your reverb. This allows you to have a very high reverb mix without washing out your guitar tone. The bass and treble controls interact with each other to give you a wide range of tones. The cabinet is a specially designed fix baffle cab. The fixed baffle design allows the entire cab to resonate with the speaker giving it a much larger sound for such a small box. It also comes with a 3db boost switch (Josh Smith MOD), that allows you to get more grit even at lower volume levels. As with all Morgan Amps the PR12 LOVES pedals and works well with any pedalboard.



The Morgan PR12 is based around the small American 12W combo from the 60’s. It has been updated with a bigger power supply and tightened low end and utilizes a 12” Greenback celestion. This amp incorporates all of the mods I have been asked to do on those old 60s american amps to make them more usable for live performances.

Power: 12w Class A/B tube Hand-wired in the USA

Josh Smith 3db boost Mod

12” G12M Greenback

2x 6V6 power tubes 3x 12AX7 preamp tubes

Spring tube driven reverb

Volume, Treble, Bass, Reverb and Dwell Controls

1×8 ohm 1×16 ohm outputs

Custom USA made Mercury Magnetics transformers

Dimensions: 10″ (D) x 18″ (W) x 20.75″ (H) Weight: 38 lb.

Hand-wired in U.S.A.