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  1. Bourgeois Slope D  "The Standard" - Aged Tone Adirondack/Mahogany #7702

     Those guys at Bourgeois know about loud, wow, this guitar is loud!  We are offering a new Bourgeois Slope D "The Standard" with an "Aged Tone" Adirondack spruce top and Mahogany back and sides. It's a fine, fine, super fine guitar.  It really is the standard all guitars should be judged by.  If you are familiar with late 40's early 50's Gibson J-50 and J-45 guitars, you'll know the sound I'm talking about, warm, rich, loud and succinctly brilliant.

    Dana Bourgeois' passion for acoustic guitars was fostered by those coveted instruments built in the pre-war era. "The Standard" model was inspired by the classic designs that emerged from the midwestern United States at that time, but incorporates many elements of Dana's own design.

    It starts with the striking Ziricote fretboard and bridge, beautiful in figure yet subtle enough to maintain the pre-war look. The single ring Ivoroid rosette and rectangular bridge hearken back to those old designs. Our contoured headstock was introduced with the L-DBO model, and fits the look perfectly!

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  2. Eastman Antique Classic Thinline Semi-hollow Electric T59/V‐AMB
    $1,695.00 Click for price

    A varnish finish, how cool is that? You hardly ever see a varnish finish on a guitar, and I don't think I've ever seen one on a guitar in this price range.  We have an Eastman T59/V AMB. It looks like an old violin. Everybody at the shop loves this guitar. Unplugged it's awesome, loud and resonant with lots of sustain. Plugged in, it's equally amazing. Its got a beautiful flamed maple top, back, and sides, with an antique amber sunburst finish. It just looks so good. Really authentic looking. The neck feels fantastic. The fret work is top notch. The Seymour Duncan pickups scream. This a fine, ES-335 style guitar, comparable to any Gibson or other semi solid guitar for a great price. There is nothing NOT to like about this guitar.

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  3. USED Vintage 1950 Gibson L-4 Sunburst Acoustic Archtop

    So, I'm researching this guitar, and I find out it is a 1950 model. I started telling everybody, "Man, this is an old guitar, 1950!" Everybody at the shop says, "That IS old!" Then I realize, I was born in 1951. So from now on I'm not saying anything about a guitar being old. We are offering a Gibson L-4 made in 1950. The back of the neck has been refinished. There was a crack in the headstock on the low E string side that was repaired, pro job.  The body finish is original.  The tailpiece has been changed. It is the same style as the original. The bridge thumb wheels have been changed, but the bridge is original. It is missing the pickguard. The tuners are repro Kluson style. There is a plugged jack-hole on the lower bout. There is a fair amount of pick wear on the top. It was well-used and well-loved. It plays fine, sounds great, and looks very cool. The frets have been professionally refretted and are in near perfect shape. The action is great; comfortable and fast. It is a very cool, vintage guitar. Great for jazz, blues, or whatever. Comes with a hardshell case that's not in great shape, but will be fine to store it and ship it in. This is a real vintage Gibson, one of their mid line models for $2000, which is a great deal.

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  4. USED Gibson 2014 Memphis ES-345TD 1959 VOS Reissue Natural

    Like most of you, I always wanted to play a blonde Gibson ES-345 just like the one Country Joe of Country Joe & The Fish played. I mean, who has not been influenced by Country Joe? Well, I guess there are a few who haven't. Anyway, this is one fine guitar, a 2014 Gibson ES-345 factory blonde with the varitone switch. Looks amazing. The finish is like new...for a VOS. No dings dents or scratches. The aged gold hardware has oxidized which makes it look legitimately old and gives a cool vintage vibe. The body and neck are perfect. The neck has that full 1959 profile and feels great. The neck is straight and true. The frets are in perfect condition and show no signs of wear. The varitone is great, makes this guitar very versatile. Listen to B.B. King, he knew how to work a varitone. It sounds fantastic as well. Gibson has been knocking the ball out the of the park the last few years with their reissue hollowbodies. This is a Memphis made guitar with the tags, certificate and original hard case. New retail price for this guitar in 2014 was $6115 and had a street price of $4299. Get this one for WAY less y'all.

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  5. USED 1995 Gibson Les Paul Custom Wine Red

    It's all in the details isn't it? Back in Salem in the witchcraft trials, they would press people for details. You don't have to press me, I'll give it up no problem. Here we have a 1995 Gibson Les Paul Custom. This is a cool Les Paul. I like it a lot. It has the original Wine Red finish, gold hardware, two original Gibson humbucking pickups (490R & 498T) and original Grover tuners. There is considerable wear on the gold hardware. The back has lots of surface scratches, the top not as many. There are various nicks and dings. It weighs 9 lbs 12 oz. It features a one piece mahogany neck with and one piece mahogany body and two piece maple top. It plays great and sounds great. A great player's guitar. Comes with original hard case.

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  6. *LOWER PRICE* USED Vintage 1978 Gibson Les Paul

    Regular Price: $2,500.00

    Special Price $1,995.00

    I don't like to start with bad news, but I may as well get it out of the way. The serial number has been removed from this instrument. It happened many years ago but we cannot undo it. I dated this guitar from the pot codes. We have a 1978 Gibson Les Paul Custom. It's a three piece neck with a volute, pancake body, and cherry sunburst finish. The frets are good. The pickups have been changed to WCR Fillmore Edition humbucking pickups (a $320 upgrade). They sound great. Check this link out for a full pickup review:

    Overall condition is very good. There is wear befitting its age. The frets are fine, everything works like it should. It comes with a very cool simulated alligator vintage gig bag.

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  7. USED Vintage 1950's Gibson Radio Tone Dobro 7 String SUPER RARE!

    I've been aware of this instrument since 1983 when I read an article in Guitar Player magazine by George Gruhn about a 7 string Dobro made by Gibson. I was quite intrigued, as I played Dobro a bit as well. It was a marvel to behold.  Now for a little history: CMI was a conglomerate that from 1944 until the mid fifties, owned Gibson and the National Guitar Company. There was a bit of an incestuous relationship between the two companies. It was not uncommon for National to use Gibson bodies, and then use their own necks, hardware, etc. I've seen Gibson J-45 bodies and ES-175 bodies with National parts. The point of this is that there was some intermingling of the two companies. After WWII, National stopped making resonator instruments. However, there was still a demand from traditional Dobro players. Even back then they were searching the pawn shops for used instruments. That brings us back to our Gibson Dobro. It exists, and we have it in our shop. It was possibly a prototype made by Gibson with a vintage National/Dobro resonator. National had a stash of those, and used them in the sixties on some models. So, this guitar was either made as a special order, or as an experimental model. I tend to think it was made for a customer because most prototypes I've seen are somewhat crude - this is not. It is a finished instrument. It is seven strings with four resonator screens. The body is a Gibson Southern Jumbo guitar body. It's bigger than any traditional style Dobro that I've seen. Bigger body, bigger sound; that's how it works. So as just a musical instrument, it's the best sounding Dobro I've ever heard.  It's the only one my friends. There is a rumor that two more were made, but it is unsubstantiated. This is about the rarest Gibson on the planet and that is including the elusive, never seen "MODERNE". I've never seen a Moderne in person, but I can look at this guitar anytime I want to. It's clean and nice, showing some light wear, but overall condition is excellent. It's really something. A piece of history - and it can be yours! Comes with vintage hard case.

    The Wild & Wonderful World of Gibson: The Mystery of the 7-String Resophonic

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  8. USED Vintage 1964 Gibson Melody Maker

    We have a good one for you today. A fine vintage Gibson for you that won't break the bank: a 1964 Gibson Melody Maker, serial number 195171. Before I get into the nuts and bolts of this guitar, I would like to say that under almost all normal circumstances we are against altering any vintage instruments. Having said that, this guitar would be a total monster with one or two humbucking pickups. The great Barbara Lynn, a 1960's blues and soul artist, played a Melody Maker with a Gibson P 90 (she also played a Fender Esquire). You can find her on "The Beat" TV show from the 1960's. This was a show out of Houston that had Gatemouth Brown in the house band. Freddie King was a regular too. You really should check it out ;)

    It has the original sunburst finish, original pickup, original Gibson gold reflector style knobs. Everything is original but the tuners which are Grovers. Great looking Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard. It shows age consistent wear, nicks, and dings, but overall it looks great and the finish has a beautiful patina. The frets are fine, and the neck is fantastic. 1964 is my favorite year for Melody Makers. It's a great guitar, cool as-is or, if you decided to turn into a rock and roll machine, it would be amazing for that. Comes with non original case.

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  9. Vintage 1963 Original Gibson Firebird III One Owner!

    I'm stunned! I'm shocked! I'm shocked and stunned! Eric called me and said, "Rod, I got a 1964 Gibson Firebird III in today." My knees buckled, and I commenced to gasping. "What did you say?" I stammered. "Rod, are you okay?" Eric asked. "I'm on my way!" I said. "I'm ten minutes away, I'll be there in three minutes!" Man oh man this is a stunning guitar. Shocking too, in the fact that it's so nice and problem free. This guitar was purchased in 1964 for the gentleman we got it from, by his father for a birthday present. What an incredible gift to receive when you're only 13 years old! It's a one-owner instrument, and it still has the flatwound strings that he liked to use. There are no breaks, no repairs, some lacquer checking, and the typical surface wear that you'd expect to see on a 53 year old guitar. That's about it. The lower tip of the pickguard has broken off, and a new piece was added...this is very typical for this model. No structural problems. The frets are fine, the electronics are perfect. All the hardware has that wonderful patina that happens when nickle ages. 1 11/16" nut width. The neck, oh Lord the neck! It has that comfortable medium profile: not too thin, but not too big. It's perfect. The sound, Lord! Once again, it's amazing. This is a collector's grade intstrument, just cool as can be. The overall condition is excellent. We have the original case and we have a modern, newer case. You'll get both of them.

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  10. Vintage 1957 Gibson ES-175 Original PAF Humbucker!

    We are proud to offer a 1957 Gibson ES-175. Serial number A25639. This is a fine collector's grade instrument, about as good as it gets. This guitar is clean...very clean. It has one original PAF humbucker pickup. This is the earliest of Gibson humbucking pickups, without a sticker, a proto PAF. These are different than the later PAF's. It sounds more like a P-90 on steroids: big, fat, and clear, but without the hum. It's pretty amazing that this guitar still has the original pickup. An original '57 PAF is one of the most sought after pickups on the planet! The neck is big, like all 1957 Gibsons, and it feels great. Original Kluson tuners: the same ones you'd see on an original '59 Les Paul. The pickguard is replaced, and the first 5 frets have been professionally replaced. Other than that, it is all original. No cracks. No structural issues. It's clean and nice. A strong excellent condition. It's just so, so cool. Beautiful patina. I get this great image of Joe Pass playing this guitar. In many ways (really in all ways), this is the ultimate jazz guitar. I hate to confine this guitar to just one genre of music because it's a great guitar period, for all styles of music. It's just a stunning instrument. Non-original hardshell case.

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  11. USED 2002 Gibson Les Paul Standard - Cherry Sunburst
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  12. HOLD - USED 2015 Gibson Custom Shop ES Les Paul Supreme

    Regular Price: $4,400.00

    Special Price $3,520.00

    Good day friends, and make no mistake about, it's a good day. It's almost always a good day in Memphis. You know why? Elvis lived here! Not Paris, not New York, but Memphis. There's a damn good reason for that, I'll tell you someday. There is still a lot of magic in Memphis, that's for sure. Just asked Keith Richards, he did some work on his solo album here. None of that has anything to do with this guitar, but I guess I needed to say it. I never miss a chance to promote Memphis.

    We have the ultimate Gibson Les Paul for you, a 2015 Gibson Les Paul Supreme Custom Shop. It's a very cool and rare model. It is so easy to play with its '50s rounded neck profile and buffed ebony fingerboard. Pearl crown inlays and a 100 Les Paul commemorative hologram on the headstock. It comes packed with all of Gibson's 2015 upgrades, plus a Johnny Smith-style floating humbucker, a 492T humbucker and locking Grover keystone tuners. Includes hardshell case which is much nicer than the standard Gibson case and made especially for this guitar. In one of the coolest colors of all time, sea foam green. This is a used model but pre-owned is a better way to describe it as it's in 100% mint condition and shows no wear.

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