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  1. USED Suhr Classic Ice Blue Metallic w/ Museum Grade Birdseye Maple Neck

    This is almost a vintage piece. It's 14 years old, which is pretty old for Suhr. This is a 2003 Suhr Classic with a Swamp Ash body and a stunningly gorgeous one piece Museum grade birdseye maple neck, with abalone dot inlay. Super cool. The finish is a beautiful Ice Blue Metallic. The pickups are JST V60's single coil. It's a case-queen. Collector owned. I can't find any wear at all. It plays like a dream, it sounds great, the frets are perfect, the electronics work flawlessly. It is as fine a Stratocaster style guitar as you could ever find.  Comes with hardsell G&G case.

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  2. Eastman Antique Classic Thinline Semi-hollow Electric T59/V‐AMB
    $1,695.00 Click for price

    A varnish finish, how cool is that? You hardly ever see a varnish finish on a guitar, and I don't think I've ever seen one on a guitar in this price range.  We have an Eastman T59/V AMB. It looks like an old violin. Everybody at the shop loves this guitar. Unplugged it's awesome, loud and resonant with lots of sustain. Plugged in, it's equally amazing. Its got a beautiful flamed maple top, back, and sides, with an antique amber sunburst finish. It just looks so good. Really authentic looking. The neck feels fantastic. The fret work is top notch. The Seymour Duncan pickups scream. This a fine, ES-335 style guitar, comparable to any Gibson or other semi solid guitar for a great price. There is nothing NOT to like about this guitar.

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  3. USED Vintage 1950 Gibson L-4 Sunburst Acoustic Archtop

    So, I'm researching this guitar, and I find out it is a 1950 model. I started telling everybody, "Man, this is an old guitar, 1950!" Everybody at the shop says, "That IS old!" Then I realize, I was born in 1951. So from now on I'm not saying anything about a guitar being old. We are offering a Gibson L-4 made in 1950. The back of the neck has been refinished. There was a crack in the headstock on the low E string side that was repaired, pro job.  The body finish is original.  The tailpiece has been changed. It is the same style as the original. The bridge thumb wheels have been changed, but the bridge is original. It is missing the pickguard. The tuners are repro Kluson style. There is a plugged jack-hole on the lower bout. There is a fair amount of pick wear on the top. It was well-used and well-loved. It plays fine, sounds great, and looks very cool. The frets have been professionally refretted and are in near perfect shape. The action is great; comfortable and fast. It is a very cool, vintage guitar. Great for jazz, blues, or whatever. Comes with a hardshell case that's not in great shape, but will be fine to store it and ship it in. This is a real vintage Gibson, one of their mid line models for $2000, which is a great deal.

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  4. USED Fender Telecaster Deluxe Chris Chiflett Shoreline Gold

    We got another cool one for you today: a 2016 Fender Telecaster Deluxe Chris Chifflett model. Maple neck, original Shoreline Gold finish, and two original Fender humbuckers. It is made in Mexico. Everything is perfect. No wear to speak of. The neck is straight and true. The frets show no wear. It plays and sounds great. If it's good enough for Chris, it should be good enough for you. Comes with original hard case.

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  5. Suhr Alt T Pro - Sonic Blue #4E6R

    A very cool new model from John Suhr. Dual-humbuckers (Thornbuckers), a very thinline-esque body and f-hole, "chopped" 3-saddle bridge, stainless steel frets, 9-12" compound radius fingerboard, and locking tuners. All the specs and refinements you expect from a Pro Series Suhr.

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  6. USED 1963 Gretsch 6070 Country Gentleman Hollowbody Bass

    Here's a super cool bass that you don't see very often. We have a 1963 Gretsch 6070 Country Gentleman hollow body bass. Featues one single Gretsch Supertron pickup. This is a great sounding bass, perfect for blues, jump blues, jazz, rock, anything you want. The neck feel has a similar profile to an upright bass: BIG and full, and it has that upright bass thump too, even when it's plugged in. Just so cool. Now the downside: it has the typical vintage Gretsch binding issues, which means it's going brittle and crumbling. The previous owner says the binding hasn't changed in the last 20 years, and it does appear to be stable. If it were mine, I would leave the binding alone. It certainly doesn't affect the sound or playability. The finish is original...everything is original for that matter. We are selling it as-is regarding cosmetic issues, but we guarantee that the bass works and plays fine. The frets are in good shape. This bass has had flatwound strings on it its entire life, so the fingerboard is in fine shape. The bass player for the Sons Of Champlin played a bass just like this at the Human Be In in San Francisco, so there's that. There is no case and no stand post.

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  7. Vintage Original 1966 Telecaster/Stratocaster Case

    We are offering this great guitar case as a public service. Imagine this if you will: you are talking to someone and you casually mention, "I have a 1966 Fender Telecaster." The other guy says, "I have a 1966 Fender Telecaster as well, with the original case."  The hair on the back of your neck stands up, your knees buckle ever so slightly. You know you have been bested. It's true you have a 1966 Fender Telecaster, but your case is not original. You are a beaten and broken man. Not to worry my friends, this will not ever have to happen to you. We have a 1966 Fender Telecaster case in very good condition, the hinges and latches work fine, the black tolex is in great shape, and best of all, it has the imprint of a Telecaster in the case, there is no doubt that this case belongs to a Fender Telecaster. It will of course, also fit a Stratocaster.

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  8. USED Ibanez AS153-AYS Antique Yellow Sunburst Semihollow

    We are offering a used Ibanez AS-153 semi-hollow. It has a spectacular flamed maple body, gold hardware, two humbuckers, stop tailpiece, even a matching flamed maple pickguard. It's super clean, the frets are perfect, and the electronics work fine. It is really an eye catcher. An absolutely beautiful guitar. The neck is straight and true. The action is low and fast. If you are looking for a ES-335 style guitar at a great price, this is the one. It sounds great, plays great, and it is drop dead gorgeous. Comes with an Ibanez hard case.

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  9. G&L ASAT Classic Bluesboy Semi-Hollow - Okoume/Port Orford Cedar Top #3059
    $3,212.00 Click for price

    - Limited to Just 10 Guitars
    - One piece Flamed Port Orford Cedar Top – Natural finish (No F-hole)
    - Okume back/ Whiskey finish
    - Duncan Jazz Zebra Neck pickup
    - Single-Coil MFD bridge pickup
    - 5 way selector-Humbucker, Volume, Tone, Split-Coil

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  10. G&L Fullerton Standard ASAT Classic - Spanish Copper Metallic #3174
    $1,848.00 Click for price

    It’s been nearly 10 years since G&L produced Fullerton Standard instruments, yet the concept is the same: deliver unsurpassed quality and value in an authentic G&L made in Leo’s historic Fender Avenue factory in Fullerton, California. This time around, Fullerton Standard instruments will be produced in short production runs, and each run will feature a different model and/or color. Every Fullerton Standard model comes with a G&L gig bag and includes Plek fret processing for superb playability.

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  11. Tom Anderson Drop Top - Natural Arctic Blue w/ Binding #11-17P
    $4,679.00 Click for price

    Drop Top
    Natural Arctic Blue w/ Binding
    Quilted Maple Top
    Alder Body
    Maple Neck
    Rosewood Fingerboard
    Natural Satin Neck Finish
    Even-Taper Neck Shape
    25 1/2" Scale
    1 11/16" Nut Width
    Heavy Frets
    Buzz Feiten Tuning System
    Vintage Tremolo
    Locking Tuners
    SC1, SC1, HC3 Pickups
    5-Way, Add Bridge, Splitter, VA Booster
    Hardshell Case

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  12. James Tyler Studio Elite HD - Alien Guano Semi-Gloss #7034

    Regular Price: $6,020.00

    Special Price $5,117.00

    Model: Studio Elite HD
    Finish: Alien Guano Semi-Gloss
    Body: Swamp Ash
    Neck: Quartersawn Maple
    Fingerboard: Indian Rosewood
    Shape: Standard '59 (.845"-.975")
    Radius: Compound 10"-12"
    Nut Width: 1 5/8"
    Tuners: Hipshot Locking
    Bridge: G2TS
    Controls: Volume, Midboost, Tone, 5-Way, Midboost Bypass
    Neck Pickup: JTS5 Stingray 500
    Middle Pickup: JTS5 Stingray 500
    Bridge Pickup: California Special
    Case: Deluxe Hardshell
    Weight: 7 lbs 11 oz

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