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  1. Tom Anderson Raven Superbird - TV White #1717
    $4,439.00 Click for price

    Raven Superbird
    TV White
    Mahogany Body
    Mahogany Neck
    Rosewood Fingerboard
    Natural Satin Neck Finish
    Even-Taper Neck Shape
    24 3/4" Scale
    1 11/16" Nut Width
    Low-Rise Frets
    Buzz Feiten Tuning System
    Vintage Tremolo
    Locking Tuners
    PH1, HC2 Pickups
    3-Way Toggle, w/ 2 Cut Switches
    Hardshell Case

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  2. Bourgeois Large Soundhole Dreadnought - Aged Tone #7866

    Regular Price: $4,595.00

    Special Price $4,135.00

    The Bourgeois Large Soundhole D incorporates many of the features that bluegrass flatpickers search for in those "Holy Grail" pre-war dreadnoughts. The enlarged soundhole, special rosette, custom pickguard and blank, bound 21-fret fingerboard capture the proper authentic aura for this specialty model. Dana has also incorporated the hallmarks of his own current designs, including Aged Tone torrefied top, braces and Aged Tone finish. The result is a more of a tribute than a replica, and Bourgeois feels that it makes the perfect bluegrass guitar. Many have remarked that these Large Soundhole Ds are louder and slightly more open than their standard dreadnoughts, while still maintaining their signature balance and clarity. These models have a strikingly "vintage" sound that is sure to thrill many a flatpicker dreaming of owning their own pre-war "bone".

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  3. G&L L-2500 - Lightweight Empress w/ Tamarind Top #9036
    $3,173.00 Click for price

    Eric, our beloved boss, ordered this up special. G&L sent him a photo of a great piece of wood, and he decided it would look great on a the bass is here. Pretty cool, huh? Ask and ye shall receive. This is a cool one, a G&L L-2500 Five-String with an Empress body, and Tamarind top. The finish is vintage natural, the neck is hard rock maple with rosewood fingerboard. The neck finish is a Satin Light Tint with jumbo frets. It has two G&L MFD L-series humbuckers, with Tri-Tone Active/Passive system. This is a great bass, solid as can be, super lightweight, and great sounding. A super-cool bass, unique, and oh so fine sounding: doesn't get much better.

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  4. Bourgeois Custom OM All Mahogany

    Regular Price: $4,170.00

    Special Price $3,753.00

    "We had this one made up special". You've heard that before, but this time it's actually true. Eric, our beloved leader, ordered this Bourgeois OM all-Mahogany with a few special things. First off, this model usually comes with spruce top, but this was ordered with a mahogany top. These also usually have tortoise color binding, but this has a multi-layered Ivoroid binding and Ivoroid pickguard, with matching Ivoroid tuning keys. The Ivoroid touch is absolutely stunning against the dark, reddish finish. So, an all mahogany OM size guitar. How cool is that? Think of say, a 1946 Gibson L-G2 all mahogany: it is similar as far as tone, but with more balance and clarity. The all-mahogany style is also reminiscent of Martin's 0M-15 style, but done with much nicer aesthetics. It is perfect for finger-style guitar. This guitar is not only beautiful, the sound is unbelievable! It's my favorite acoustic guitar in the shop right now. It's awesome on every level: playabilty, sound, looks, it's got it all. An American Beauty, that's what this guitar is. Comes with hard case. Oh, and you can tell all your friends, "They had this one made up special". You'll be the envy of the neighborhood.

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  5. Bad Cat Classic Pro R - 1x12 Combo
    $1,699.00 Click for price

    The Classic Pro R is the 6V6/6L6 powered amplifier Bad Cat enthusiasts have been begging them to build for years. This blackface beauty is the latest addition to the USA Player Series.
    This Classic Pro is expertly hand-built by the Bad Cat team in their Southern California shop using the same components and materials as their point-to-point Legacy Series amps.
    Incorporating Bad Cat’s patented K Master circuit the amplifier offers big headroom, beautiful string to string note definition, incredible smooth break-up and rich harmonics. The American style punch and sparkle is here and yet they don’t comprise the Bad Cat signature sound.

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  6. Vintage 1980's Carvin Custom Doubleneck 6/12-String Electric

    I love double neck guitars, I just LOVE them. Maybe it's the idea of two-for-one. I so love a bargain. We have a 1980's Carvin Double Neck guitar made right here in the USA. This one has all the bells and whistles. It is, as they say in the car business, fully-loaded. There's one twelve-string neck, and one six-string neck. The body is absolutely gorgeous quilted maple. It is REALLY striking. When you show this guitar to your friends, they will say, "My, isn't that striking!" It has four pickups, all Carvin M 22 humbuckers. It has Ebony fingerboards with block inlays. The six-string has an original Kahler tremelo with locking nut. You can get every combination of pickups, necks, in and out of phase, whatever your heart desires. Frank Zappa used a lot of Carvin gear both live and in the studio. They are very high quality instruments. This guitar is clean as a pin, it's super nice. It plays great, the action is fine on both necks. The frets are fine, everything works like it is supposed to. It's the top of the line for Carvin. It doesn't get any better than this. Comes with original hard case.

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  7. D'Angelico Excel DC - EX-DC - White #1028

    Regular Price: $2,395.00

    Special Price $1,549.00

    A double-cutaway semi-hollow built for performance, the Excel DC is a modern classic. With deep, comfortable cutaways, a 16-inch-wide body, and a slim C-shape neck profile, the DC's playability is remarkable. Its warm Kent Armstrong humbuckers offer pristine clean tones, and its full center block fights off feedback at high volumes. The DC boasts an impressive tonal range, from enveloping low-end to crisp high-end.

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  8. 1976 Martin D-76 Bicentennial Limited Edition Rare Gold Hardware w/possible Elvis Presley connection

    How about the Martin guitar company? They may be the ultimate American success story. A company founded by immigrants that has become the iconic American guitar manufacturer success story. Martin did not forget their roots. When our country reached its Bicentennial in 1976, Martin introduced this guitar to honor the country that has given them so much. Very cool in my opinion. The Martin D-76 was a limited run of 1976 guitars. The ebony fingerboard has 13 stars to acknowledge the original 13 states. It has a three piece Indian rosewood back, Bicentennial Eagle on the headstock, and herringbone trim around the soundhole. As a special bonus this guitar was sold with a transferable warranty. How cool is that? The D-76 is the only model that we know of that Martin has offered a transferable warranty. This one is clean and nice. There is some light wear, but overall it looks fine. No cracks or problems. The action is great, and it plays fantastically. It sounds wonderful. The frets are in near-perfect's ready to go.

    One VERY interesting detail that sets this guitar apart from other D-76's is the gold tuners. It's the only D-76 we've ever seen with gold hardware, and according to the previous owner, the possibility that Elvis Presley special ordered it would explain the tuners. How could Elvis, the King Of Rock And Roll, not get a guitar without gold?

    Here's the guitar's history from the previous owner:

    "I purchased this D-76, new, from Berl Olswanger Music Inc. in Memphis, Tennessee in 1976. Martin honored the American Bicentennial, by creating This Special commemorative model D-76 Dreadnought. There were only 1976 made. What sets this guitar apart from other D-76 guitars is the story that was relayed to me by their salesman, Jim (I can't remember his last name). On the sales receipt he only signed his first name, and in the box "Sold by" he initialed "JEC". Both he and the music store are now deceased, so there is no way to verify this story. However, I had a long standing dealer/customer relationship with Jim and found him to be quite honest, so I have no reason to doubt his story. Allegedly, this guitar was ordered for Elvis in early 1976. It was lost in shipment for almost a year, so they reordered another one for Elvis, and delivered it to him just days before his death, in August of 1977.
    Sometime in 1979 this D-76 was found in the shippers warehouse and delivered to Berl Olswanger Music.
    When I first heard of the D-76 guitars I had tried in vain, to get Jim to order one for me. He indicated that had already ordered one for Elvis, and they were only allotted one D-76 per dealership.
    On one of my later visits to the store, Jim told me this story of how they wound up with an extra D-76, but said he thought he might keep it for himself. In December of 1980, Jim called and asked if I was still interested in adding it to my collection. He said it was still in the store, had not been out of its case more than a couple of times, and had never been registered, so I would be registered as the original owner. Naturally, I said yes.
    However, $1,976.00 was a lot of money in those days, so it took about a year to get it out of Lay-A-Way. The transferable warranty certificate, registered in 1982, shows me as the original owner."

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  9. Ernie Ball BFR Limited Edition Valentine Ivory White - Gold Hardware #87 of 89

    Special features include:

    -Gold Anodized Pickguard
    -Flame Roasted Maple Neck
    -Bound Fingerboard
    -Gold Hardware
    -Ivory Finish

    The Ernie Ball Music Man James Valentine "Valentine" guitar features a slab ash body, two Ernie Ball Music Man designed pickups (1-humbucker/1-single coil), with 3-way custom wired lever switch, coil tap, modern hardtail bridge with vintage bent steel saddles, 25.5-inch scale, oil and wax rubbed roasted maple neck with 10-inch radius maple fingerboard, 22 stainless steel frets, oversized 4-over-2 headstock and compensated nut, designed for superior tuning stability.

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  10. Magnatone Varsity Reverb 1x12 Combo

    The ever-popular Varsity, in a reverb version. The Varsity is quickly becoming a favorite for gigging guitarists all over the planet (ask Jeff Beck about his). Now there’s an even more versatile option – The Varsity Reverb. Same specs and great tone.

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  11. Magnatone SUPER FIFTY-NINE MK II - 1x12 Combo

    The 4 bridgeable inputs and 2 volumes, bright and normal, provide wide tonal versatility. The master volume and classic British 4 band tone stack deliver classic '70s crunch tone at any volume. Add in your favorite effects with the all tube buffered effects loop to expand the possibilities even further. All this with Magnatone’s exclusive Varistor Pitch Shifting Vibrato. If there ever was a "Super-Vibe" this is it.

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    The Twilighter picks up were the classic American combo amps of the past left off. With a pair of 6V6 power tubes and a GZ34 rectifier, the Twilighter offers 22 watts of clean, robust tone in a 12” speaker combo that is light yet durable. Add the tube driven reverb, tremolo, and varistor true pitch shifting vibrato and you have a new American classic that is sure to please.

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