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  1. Taylor 914ce Limited Edition V-Class Grand Auditorium Sinker Redwood/Rosewood

    Can a guitar look over-the-top and understated at the same time? Yes, it can. This limited edition Taylor 914ce is definitely "Over-the-top understated." It's been turning heads ever since it arrived, for both its looks and its big, lush sound. It is not only loud, but also an amazingly accurate guitar. Perfect intonation with clear, articulate tones up and down the neck. The overtones on this instrument are amazing, and it is rich with harmonics.

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  2. Marshall Class 5 combo w/Psionic Audio "True Plexi" Mods - Power Scaling

    This is a Marshall Class 5 combo w/Psionic Audio "True Plexi" Mods and Variable Voltage Circuit power scaling. Lyle Caldwell at Psionic Audio is our shop amp guru. He's well known as the master modder of Class 5 amps. This amp has his famous "True Plexi" mods, as well as the "Variable Voltage Circuit"; Lyle's take on power scaling. These mods cost $350 when the work was done. It works perfectly and sounds amazing. It's the perfect grab and go amp for small gigs, practice room, and recording.

    Here's a summary of the switch functions:
    1) Bright affects both the amount of treble and bass on the High Treble "channel." Left is warmer with more lows, right is brighter with fewer lows.
    2) Channel is a three way switch. Left is the "Normal" channel, right is the "High Treble" channel, and middle is both channels "jumpered."
    3) JTM/JMP: Left (JTM): both channels share a cathode circuit (more bass for the High Treble channel) and there is no bypass cap across V2a's cathode resistor, for slightly lower overall gain without as much emphasis over 700Hz).
    Right (JMP): each channel has its own cathode, with the High Treble having fewer lows, and the bypass cap is on V2a's cathode, for an overall gain increase with more emphasis over 700H"

    Also includes Variable Voltage control, so you can control the overall output even when you crank the main volume control.

    The speaker was also upgraded with a 30 watt 10" Weber Legacy Series - a $107 value.

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  3. 1986 G&L Broadcaster serial #00002

    Every now and then a guitar comes along that has so much documented history, it reads like a great book. This guitar can be traced back to it's inception. We have a 1986 G&L Broadcaster serial #BC00002. Check that out. Number 2! Here's the story: This guitar was purchased from Kenneth Hyatt, son of the late Dale L. Hyatt. Dale Hyatt was one the original partners of G&L, along with Leo Fender and George Fullerton. The entire saga is written up by My Hyatt's son in a several-page letter that will be included with the guitar. The history is eloquently written and quite fascinating; detailing the history of G&L. I'll give a brief synopsis: Dale Hyatt had worked with Leo Fender for years, back in the Fender days and again, with G&L. When George Fullerton left, Dale Hyatt took over the day to day management of the factory. Mr Hyatt had a keen sense of history and kept the first serial number plates, 00001 to 00059 for special models. In 1986 this guitar was built for Dale Hyatt using the early serial plate and it is signed by Leo Fender.

    This guitar is in mint condition. It has never been played and still has the protective plastic covering on the pickguard. We also have the original shipping box! The "black on black" design again was Dale Hyatt's idea. This instrument is not only historically significant, it's a fantastic guitar.

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  4. Vintage 1962 Fender Deluxe Brownface

      Please note, we no longer ship vintage amps. They are local pickup only. Give the store a call for more information 901-729-2466.

      This is a vintage 1962 Fender Brownface Deluxe. It is an original Deluxe, not a reissue. 1962 was a great year for music. It's the same year Booker T. & the M.G.'s are formed here in Memphis, TN. The Beatles played their first session at EMI's Abbey Road Studios in London. Mick Jagger and Keith Richards met Brian Jones at the Ealing Club, a blues club in London. And this amp was built.
      One of the most celebrated guitar amplifiers ever produced, the Fender Deluxe has been in continuous production, in various versions, since 1946. Originally introduced as the Model 26 with a 10" speaker and wood cabinetry, the model was rechristened the Deluxe in 1948, and fitted with tweed covering and 12" speaker. Upgraded to 15 watts in 1954, the Deluxe was redesigned with the lustrous brown Tolex covering in 1961. Produced only until mid-1963, brown Tolex models are among of the rarest of all Fender amplifiers.
      This is an exceptionally fine example of pre-CBS production. It's so clean it could easily pass as a reissue. This 1962 Fender Deluxe amp features hand soldered point-to-point circuitry, and a classic 12" blue Jensen t speaker. Six knob layout includes Normal and Bright channels, the latter with tremelo Speed and Intensity controls. All original gleaming brown Tolex covering, grille cloth, knobs, foot switch and leather handle. The amplifier has been maintained in uncannily pristine condition and sounds equally amazing. RCA 6V6 power tubes. The handle is a new replacement and the original handle is included. A timeless classic, this brown beauty looks much like it did when it left the Fullerton factory in 1962.

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  5. Pine-Box Customs - Ahab's Revenge V2 - Twin Channel Overdrive - Handpainted

    Ahab's Revenge V2 is a complete reworking of the original.
    Right Switch = warm, rich vintage-voiced preamp/drive with external volume control.
    Left Switch = Ahab V2
    Combining these two circuits covers a lot of territory, all the way from boost to light fuzz tones.
    Ture Bypass, Usa hand-made, hand-wired, and hand-painted.

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  6. HOLD - PRS 509 Rare Charcoal Purple Burst 10-Top w/ Custom Options #8476

    This 509 should have left PRS as a Wood Library Special Run model but somehow did not. It has a spectacular flamed maple 10-top finished in a rare custom color - Charcoal Purple Burst, with a combination gold and nickel hardware. To top it off, this guitar has an Ebony fingerboard, Ebony headstock overlay, and Pau Shell Artist Grade original style Birds inlays. All these are options normally only available on a Wood Library guitar.

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  7. USED Vintage 1968 Gibson Les Paul Standard Goldtop

    I'm giving my age away, but I remember when these came out in 1968: the Gibson Les Paul Standard. The Les Pauls were unavailable for eight years, so it was a big deal when they we re-released. Every pro got one. Joe Cocker's guitar player can been seen playing one in the movie Woodstock. Mike Campbell still uses his, as does Jeff Lynne. Rumor was, these first models were made from leftover bodies, necks, and other parts from the fifties. We have a really good one for you today. This is a fantastic 1968, small headstock, original P-90 pickups, one piece mahogany neck. There is lacquer checking on the front. It looks and plays great, no repairs, breaks, or other issues. The bridge and tailpiece are recent, and it has replacement Grover tuners. The frets are original. It has a great vintage patina. Strummed unplugged this guitar is very loud which is always the sign of a superior instrument. It's ready to rock and roll and sounds like a million bucks. Comes with non original Gibson hard case.

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  8. D'Angelico Premier Grateful Dead DC Semi-Hollow Electric #6048

    Let me help Sing your blues away with this new D'Angelico Special Edition Grateful Dead DC Hollowbody guitar. This Guitar is sure to have any Deadhead Dancing in the streets. The top features a custom paint job showing off the red, white and blue Lightning bolt from the iconic Steal your Face logo that is as beautiful as any sunshine daydream we've ever seen. When push comes to shove, don't let yourself feel like you've been left out in the Cold Rain and snow, this could be the last time so get your crazy fingers on this guitar and ride the dark star as it crashes into the promised land because the music never stopped.

    So grab this guitar while you can and show your love for the Dead. This guitar plays great, and sounds fantastic. Comes with a deluxe gig bag.

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  9. Magnatone Twilighter 1x12 Combo

    The Twilighter picks up were the classic American combo amps of the past left off. With a pair of 6V6 power tubes and a GZ34 rectifier, the Twilighter offers 22 watts of clean, robust tone in a 12” speaker combo that is light yet durable. Add the tube driven reverb, tremolo, and varistor true pitch shifting vibrato and you have a new American classic that is sure to please.

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  10. USED Larrivee D-50 - #3925
    Canadian made Larrivee D-50 Learn More
  11. Way Huge - Red Llama Overdrive

    Red Llama™ Overdrive



    • Reissue of the first and highly coveted Way Huge pedal
    • Boutique style overdrive with a small Tweed Amp style tone
    • Transparent and responsive to playing dynamics
    • Simple two knob operation: Volume and Drive
    • Aggressive "Way Huge" style output volume-great for slamming an amp's input
    • CMOS circuit for tube-like tone and dynamics
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  12. Zvex Super Duper 2 in 1

    Gentlemen/women, start your engines. This pedal is so dangerous that I’m sure I’ll be getting a lot of complaint
    emails that people have blown up their amps using it. So let’s just start this off by saying I WARNED YOU TO BE
    CAREFUL. When using this pedal, start off slow, and monitor your amp for potential damage. Don’t have too much
    fun! OK, have too much fun, but don’t blow up your amp in the process. Unless that’s what you want, of course, and
    well, gosh darn it, it’s your right. Good ol’ Pete Townsend did it. Well, at least he poked his speakers out. All right, I’ll
    try to stay on track here.
    Ahem. The SUPER-DUPER 2-IN-1™ has two of my infamous but rather delightful Super Hard-On™ pedals in one
    small box. Also, in this SUPER-DUPER 2-IN-1™ is a Master Volume control that lets you use it as an overdrive/distortion with any output volume. My my! How conventional, you say! Well, suffice to say, if it weren’t there, you’d go
    deaf with both of those channels cranked up. This pedal is dangerously loud. Don’t do what I did, and lean over in
    front of your speaker cabinet while turning it up. Ouch. Dang.

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