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  1. Goodall Grand Concert RGCC - Sitka Spruce - Indian Rosewood #6589

    Regular Price: $7,600.00

    Special Price $6,840.00

    The Grand Concert model is a refined and beautifully proportioned shape, and is everything you could desire from an acoustic guitar and more. It's tone is a wonderful blend of balanced clarity, and punchy projection, with a smooth rich bass response. This instrument is larger than the Parlor but smaller than the Concert Jumbo. It has a singing lyrical treble, with excellent sustain, and is comfortable to hold. Though it is a small guitar, the Grand Concert does not exhibit the tight nasal tonal quality in the midrange and bass that is generally associated with smaller guitars.
    While the Grand Concert series is considered ideal for the fingerstylist due to its sensitive, dynamic responsiveness, it is equally appropriate for the flatpicker or plectrum player with the appropriate tonewood combination. It is prized by Bluegrass flatpickers and has even been said to surpass large bodied dreadnought guitars with respect to it's clarity, sustain and powerful projection.

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  2. USED 2013 Martin D-41 Dreadnought

    Greetings my friends. We have a great guitar for you today: A 2013 Martin D-41. In fine, fine, super-fine shape. One of the best sounding modern Martins I've played in a long time. This guitar has tremendous depth, response, and woodiness of tone. It has the lush bass that you'd expect from a fine Martin dreadnought but without the muddiness that I hear in some dreads. This one has great clarity and punch in the lower registers, strong mids, and open and clear trebles. It's a remarkably balanced guitar and inspiring to play.  The headroom is incredible when strummed hard and when played with a light touch, it actually roars. I can feel the back and sides vibrate all over as if the guitar is alive. The fit and finish is above reproach. The neck is straight and true with a great feel. The stings are well intonated. The action is low and easy to fret without any buzz. It stands up against any of the boutique guitars we've got in stock but I guess Martin was the original boutique guitar builder, so that makes sense. It's a fine instrument that will bring many years of enjoyment to you, and maybe your children, who knows? Comes with hard case.

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  3. Eastman Varnish T64/V AMB Antique Amber Hollowbody
    $1,899.00 Click for price

    Hey, I love my job. I get to look at cool guitars, play them, touch them, then write about them...and don't tell anybody, I get paid for this. HOW ABOUT THAT? Here we have a new Eastman T64V AMB. This guitar is modeled after the Gibson ES-330 and Epiphone Casino from the late fifties and sixties. It is a thin line, hollow body, with two P-90 style pickups, and a Bigsby vibrato. How cool is that? A Bigsby!! It has an aged varnish, Amber finish. Just an amazing guitar. If you are into The Beatles, early Stones, Slim Harpo, Howling Wolf, you'll like this. They all played models similar to this. It's my favorite new guitar in the store right now.

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  4. Vintage 1980's Carvin Custom Doubleneck 6/12-String Electric

    I love double neck guitars, I just LOVE them. Maybe it's the idea of two-for-one. I so love a bargain. We have a 1980's Carvin Double Neck guitar made right here in the USA. This one has all the bells and whistles. It is, as they say in the car business, fully-loaded. There's one twelve-string neck, and one six-string neck. The body is absolutely gorgeous quilted maple. It is REALLY striking. When you show this guitar to your friends, they will say, "My, isn't that striking!" It has four pickups, all Carvin M 22 humbuckers. It has Ebony fingerboards with block inlays. The six-string has an original Kahler tremelo with locking nut. You can get every combination of pickups, necks, in and out of phase, whatever your heart desires. Frank Zappa used a lot of Carvin gear both live and in the studio. They are very high quality instruments. This guitar is clean as a pin, it's super nice. It plays great, the action is fine on both necks. The frets are fine, everything works like it is supposed to. It's the top of the line for Carvin. It doesn't get any better than this. Comes with original hard case.

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  5. USED Taylor XXXV-GS-W 35th Anniversary Limited Edition

    How about that model number? Is that cool or what? All you need to know about this fine guitar is within in this rather cryptic number. A special number for a special guitar. It is a 35th Anniversery, Grand Symphony, with Walnut back & sides. This is a fine, fine, super-fine guitar. The walnut back is absolutely spectacular. We've never seen walnut that looks better then's absolutely jaw dropping. One of a limited edition of only 35 guitars. It has a sharp, Florentine cutaway, the best Gotoh 510 tuners, ebony fingerboard with 35 inlaid at the 12th fret, and a walnut backstrap overlay on the back of the headstock. The edge bevel on the bass side of this guitar's lower bout is gorgeous; inspired in part by the work of renowned luthier Grit Laskin.

    This is what Taylor has to say about it:  "This Taylor guitar showcases walnut wood for the back and sides, offering warm, deep tone, balanced projection, and clarity, in a stunningly complex appearance. The wood set was specially selected for its unique aesthetic qualities, making for an extremely limited run. The Taylor XXXV-GS-W acoustic-electric guitar also features a Sitka spruce top with Taylor's tone-enhancing CV bracing, an abalone rosette, Gotoh tuners, a bone nut and saddle, and the Expression System pickup. The Taylor guitar includes an ebony armrest, ebony binding, and a Florentine cutaway".

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  6. 1976 Martin D-76 Bicentennial Limited Edition Rare Gold Hardware w/possible Elvis Presley connection

    How about the Martin guitar company? They may be the ultimate American success story. A company founded by immigrants that has become the iconic American guitar manufacturer success story. Martin did not forget their roots. When our country reached its Bicentennial in 1976, Martin introduced this guitar to honor the country that has given them so much. Very cool in my opinion. The Martin D-76 was a limited run of 1976 guitars. The ebony fingerboard has 13 stars to acknowledge the original 13 states. It has a three piece Indian rosewood back, Bicentennial Eagle on the headstock, and herringbone trim around the soundhole. As a special bonus this guitar was sold with a transferable warranty. How cool is that? The D-76 is the only model that we know of that Martin has offered a transferable warranty. This one is clean and nice. There is some light wear, but overall it looks fine. No cracks or problems. The action is great, and it plays fantastically. It sounds wonderful. The frets are in near-perfect's ready to go.

    One VERY interesting detail that sets this guitar apart from other D-76's is the gold tuners. It's the only D-76 we've ever seen with gold hardware, and according to the previous owner, the possibility that Elvis Presley special ordered it would explain the tuners. How could Elvis, the King Of Rock And Roll, not get a guitar without gold?

    Here's the guitar's history from the previous owner:

    "I purchased this D-76, new, from Berl Olswanger Music Inc. in Memphis, Tennessee in 1976. Martin honored the American Bicentennial, by creating This Special commemorative model D-76 Dreadnought. There were only 1976 made. What sets this guitar apart from other D-76 guitars is the story that was relayed to me by their salesman, Jim (I can't remember his last name). On the sales receipt he only signed his first name, and in the box "Sold by" he initialed "JEC". Both he and the music store are now deceased, so there is no way to verify this story. However, I had a long standing dealer/customer relationship with Jim and found him to be quite honest, so I have no reason to doubt his story. Allegedly, this guitar was ordered for Elvis in early 1976. It was lost in shipment for almost a year, so they reordered another one for Elvis, and delivered it to him just days before his death, in August of 1977.
    Sometime in 1979 this D-76 was found in the shippers warehouse and delivered to Berl Olswanger Music.
    When I first heard of the D-76 guitars I had tried in vain, to get Jim to order one for me. He indicated that had already ordered one for Elvis, and they were only allotted one D-76 per dealership.
    On one of my later visits to the store, Jim told me this story of how they wound up with an extra D-76, but said he thought he might keep it for himself. In December of 1980, Jim called and asked if I was still interested in adding it to my collection. He said it was still in the store, had not been out of its case more than a couple of times, and had never been registered, so I would be registered as the original owner. Naturally, I said yes.
    However, $1,976.00 was a lot of money in those days, so it took about a year to get it out of Lay-A-Way. The transferable warranty certificate, registered in 1982, shows me as the original owner."

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  7. 2006 R. Taylor Style 1 Indian Rosewood/Sitka Spruce w/Laskin Armrest

    Bob Taylor has been making fine guitars for many years. When he puts his name on a signature guitar, then you know it's a good one. Taylor is not making the R Taylor Signature line right now, so this is a rare opportunity to own one. Taylor used only his most experienced craftsman on these instruments, with the best woods, in a small shop setting outside of the regular Taylor Guitar prodution. Here we have a 2006 R Taylor Style 1. Spruce top, Indian Rosewood back and sides, Ebony fingerboard, and an Ebony contoured arm bevel. The Laskin Armrest is a fantastic option that makes the guitar much more comfortable to was also an additional $1500. The R Taylor guitars have a one-piece neck, without the scarf joint like the regular Taylor production guitars have. It is an amazing sounding guitar, that is perfectly suited for both strumming and fingerpicking. The kerfing is steamed and bent just the way cellos are made. The bridge plate is inlaid into the top, creating better tone and sound transference. It has the Expression system electronics, which sounds great. This guitar is clean and nice. The neck is straight and true. The frets are in perfect condition. There is a ding on the back, but it does not go through to the wood. It has the deluxe R Taylor case. A truly fantastic guitar. It's our acoustic salesman's current favorite guitar in the better buy it before he does.

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  8. Bourgeois Advanced Slope D Ltd Edition - Aged-Tone Adirondack/Brazilian Rosewood #7803

    Regular Price: $9,670.00

    Special Price $8,703.00

    To introduce the new Advanced Slope D, Bourgeois is offering a special limited edition of 12 guitars. It features Bourgeois's Aged-Tone Adirondack Spruce top, with Brazilian Rosewood back & sides, and a special inlay in the bridge wings. As always, all of the sunbursts are applied by Dana Bourgeois himself.

    When Eric, (Our beloved leader) asked me to describe this guitar, I was quite frankly, intimidated.  I open the case and I was stunned.  How can mere words possibly do justice to this fine instrument?  We have a new Bourgeois Slope D-Advanced Limited Edition.  The top is Aged Tone Adirondack Spruce, back and sides are Brazilian Rosewood, (that's right, Brazilian), 14 frets clear of the body, Ebony peghead veneer, fingerboard is Guatemalan Rosewood, Waverly tuners, Sunburst finish on top, firestripe pickguard.  I wonder if it sounds any good?  Well, I'll be darned, it sounds phenomenal.  Why am I not surprised?  This is one of the best acoustic guitars we have had in a while. This guitar is stunning not only in looks but also tone, it's a work of art that will inspire future guitarists for many years.

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  9. Suhr Custom Modern - Silver Drip - Left-Handed #1996

    Sometimes things just don't work out. A customer ordered this guitar from Suhr to his exact specs. Very cool specs, but unfortunately was unable to complete the transaction. Let his loss be your gain. What we have is a new Suhr Modern left-handed. It is set up from Suhr for right-handed playing, because that is how this guy learned to play. It is a left-handed guitar though, and could be strung as a left-handed guitar by simply swapping out the Floyd nut. I'm right-handed and I would play this guitar because I think guitars look really cool upside down. It's also a flat-out incredible guitar, and sounds amazing.
    It's got a roasted Alder body, roasted Maple neck and fingerboard, 10-14" compound radius, Modern Elliptical neck carve (.800-.850), jumbo stainless steel frets, Suhr SSV pickup in the neck, SSH Plus in the bridge, Floyd Rose tremelo, locking nut, five way switch, and push-pull parallel pot for the bridge pickup.
    It's brand new, never been sold, comes with full warranty, hard-case, and is ready to go.

    The retail price for this guitar is $4780. Please call us directly for extra special pricing.

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  10. PRS Custom 24 - Figured Maple Neck/Board - Faded Whale Blue #2955

    This Custom 24 features a figured maple neck and fingerboard. This is a feature usually only available on Artist Package models, but is being made a available for a very limited time.

    Top Wood: Carved Figured Maple
    Back Wood: Mahogany
    Number of Frets: 24
    Scale Length: 25"
    Neck Wood: Mahogany
    Neck Shape: Pattern Thin
    Fretboard Wood: Rosewood
    Fretboard Inlay: Birds
    Bridge: PRS Patented Tremolo, Gen III
    Tuners: PRS Phase III Locking
    Hardware Type: Hybrid
    Treble Pickup: 85/15 Treble
    Bass Pickup: 85/15 Bass
    Controls: Volume, Tone, 5-Way Blade Switch
    Strings 10's
    Case: Hardshell

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  11. G&L JB - Block Inlay - 3-Tone Sunburst #6347
    $2,841.00 Click for price

    What could be cooler than a 70's Fender Jazz Bass?  How about a brand new, G&L JB?  This is so cool, a maple neck with a black, block markers, sunburst finish, two G&L JB Alinico 5 single coil pickups.  The neck is hard rock maple, the body is alder, it is 1 1/2'' at the nut.  If you like seventies funk, you'll be over the moon for this.  The Brothers Johnson wish they had this bass.  I've dealt vintage guitars for many years and this is better than any 70's vintage Jazz Bass I ever had.  I don't want offend any owners of 70's Fender's, I LOVE them, but this is lighter, and honestly, better made.  Hey, don't take my word for it. Try it, you'll love it.  Comes with hard case.


    Featuring black Block Inlay and Neck Binding.

    Model: JB
    Body Wood: Alder
    Body Finish: 3-Tone Sunburst
    Pickguard: 3-ply Black/White/Black
    Bridge: Saddle-Lock
    Neck Profile: #8 G&L Medium C (.820-.920)
    Nut: Bone
    Nut Width: 1 1/2"
    Radius: 9.5" Radius
    Neck Wood: Hard-rock Maple
    Fingerboard: Maple
    Neck Finish: Gloss Vintage Tint
    Frets: Medium Jumbo
    Neck Other: Black Block Inlay
    Neck Binding: Black
    Tuners: G&L Ultra-Lite
    Pickups: G&L JB Alnico 5 Single Coil
    Controls: Dual Volume, tone
    Setup: PLEK
    Case: Deluxe Black Tolex

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  12. ON ORDER - Collings Julian Lage Signature OM1A-JL

    ON ORDER - Collings Julian Lage Signature OM1A-JL

    Call us to reserve yours now.

    When Bill Collings first met the brilliant young jazz musician Julian Lage, in 2014, the two began a series of in-depth conversations about their respective crafts. Lage's profound insights as a guitarist would play a key role in the creation of Collings’ T (Traditional) Series guitars. This rare collaboration, which continued right up until Bill’s passing, in July, 2017, has yielded another exceptional new guitar with an old soul. Collings is proud to present a highly personal extension of the T Series: the Julian Lage Signature OM1.

    Though Lage's guitar shares the same foundational specs as the OM1 T, it is unique in some key ways. Its neck feels like no other Collings guitar. That’s because it’s modeled after Lage’s cherished 1939 Martin 000-18. This pre-war gem is heard on the guitarist’s 2015 solo album, "World’s Fair", and was his main touring acoustic for years.

    The 000-18's neck—which was of course originally hand-shaped and sanded—has a distinctive taper altered by decades of wear. For Lage, this particular neck had come to feel like home. Through careful analysis and digitization of its unique dimensions, we were able to precisely recreate its worn-in, asymmetric feel on his signature model. While we maintained the relatively narrow 1 11/16" nut of the 000-18's neck, we extended the fretboard from the original short scale to our standard 25 1/2" length for slightly greater presence and note definition.

    Lage has an affinity both tonally and aesthetically for vintage guitars whose finishes have mellowed after years of playing. To recreate this effect we initially considered a varnish, but to achieve the ideal combination of a thin finish application and a vintage aesthetic, we landed on a custom satin lacquer. This new finish offering not only feels and looks right to Lage, he finds it has the same inherent openness of tone that is present in the best pre-war instruments.

    With his typical descriptive eloquence, Lage characterizes his signature model as a "lovingly neutral" guitar. It has a remarkably even response between registers. It's not an empty flatterer, but an instrument that rewards you when you're playing your best. In this way, Lage, whose own education is unending, sees the guitar as a teacher.

    Lage's signature model incorporates a script peghead logo not seen on a new Collings instrument in decades. This is the inlay that Bill hand-cut some 30 years ago when he started out in a tiny shop in Austin, Texas. We see this as a loving tribute to our late leader, who in his final project was able to realize the perfect new steel-string for one of today’s most exacting guitarists.

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