Sell Your Gear

We've all had to thin out the herd at one time or another; it's hard out here for a musician. But, more often than not, personal ads and word-of-mouth alone aren't enough to catch people's attention. Martin Music offers a consignment option for those who are looking for an approrpriate and effective forum to advertize their gear for sale. We normally take consignments of acoustic and electric guitars and basses, amplifiers, speaker cabs, pedals, and accessories. If your item does not fall into any of those categories, call us -- we still might be able to work with you.

Here's how it works: you pick a price you find adequate, we put it out on the floor, and if it sells, we keep 20 percent of the final sale price while you keep 80. Good deal! If your item is of high value and/or a rarity, we could very well put it on our website or Reverb store.

We see many customers a day, and even more customers visit our website and Reverb store. If you find yourself becoming impatient because of an unsold item or experiencing a change of heart, we please ask that you wait at least 60 days from the intial consigning before withdrawing your item. These things take time!

For any other questions regarding consignment, contact us.

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