Vintage 1950's Silvertone Baritone Uke

Vintage 1950's Silvertone Baritone Uke Item #150s

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There is a video on Youtube of Roy Smeck playing the ukulele, that is the most awesome thing in the world. He plays it to death, it is mind boggling. You should check it out. Here we have a Silvertone Baritone Uke made by the Harmony Company in the 1950's. Sear's brand name was Silvertone, and they contracted guitar companies to build instruments for them. This was built in Chicago at the Harmony factory. It shows some wear, the main problem is the binding is deteriorating. It can be replaced or you can play it as is. It plays well, the frets are good and the action is fine. There aren't any cracks or other problems. It has a good looking non-original tweed hard case. The top portion of the case looks like it was partially crushed but still functions and protects the instrument.



Vintage 1950's Silvertone Baritone Uke