SOLD - USED Martin D-18 Vintage Pre-War 1939

SOLD - USED Martin D-18 Vintage Pre-War 1939 Item #Con-1939Martin
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This vintage Pre-War 1939 Martin D-18 acoustic guitar not only has more mojo than any guitar we have in the shop right now, it's also one of the best sounding. Serial number #73062. Owned by a single family since 1940, when it was bought by our customer's father at a pawn shop on historic Beale Street here in Memphis, TN. Still has its original hard-case. It was his daily player until he passed away, and has sat in a closet for the last couple of years. It has aged and opened up with a sound that only a guitar that's been played for 78 years could.


Some repairs were done in the 1980's. The neck was reset. The bridge, bridge plate, saddle, and nut have been replaced. One of the back braces has been reglued, and a small side split at the waist of the treble side has been repaired as well as two side splits on the bass side...these have held solid for 30 years and should be good for another 30 more.  All of the braces are solid, so there are no rattles, no interior buzzing, and no distortion. The top exhibits absolutely zero belly, and displays no structural fatigue. All things considered, it's in excellent condition for a guitar of its age.
The aged mahogany back and sides, and Adriondack Spruce top are as noble as they look. More importantly, the sound is totally unmatched. It's crisp, warm and BIG. Just mellow enough in all the right spots, and just bright enough in the high-end. Notes leap off the board, and it has that old-school, pre-war Martin magic to spare. You'll have a hard time coming to terms with just how good this guitar feels. It's very easy to play with a respectable .090" at the 12th fret on the low E and .070" at the 12th fret on the high E string.
We rarely see prewar Martin dreadnoughts, and we're all in love with this one. It feels like this guitar has a bevy of stories to tell about the 1940s, just like any 78 year old person would!