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  1. USED Marshall SL5 Slash Signature 5W 1x12 Combo

    Here's a very cool Marshall SL5 Slash Signature 5W 1x12 Guitar Tube Combo amp. In near perfect condition. It's in perfect working condition. Does not include the footswitch. Designed with and approved by the man himself, the 5-watt SL5 combo is a more accessible way to Slashs tone, and has been devised primarily for studio or home use. It has two channels, switchable between clean and overdrive. The clean channel takes you from Slash clean to raunchy crunch, and the overdrive channel nails that Slash-style dirty tone. Switching down to 1W means that you can have all that great Slash tone at a volume that wont wake the neighbors. At the heart of the SL5 are three ECC83 preamp valves and a single EL34 in the power stage, with custom digital reverb. The speaker is one of Slashs favorites, a 12 Celestion Vintage 30.

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  2. Bill Kelliher of MASTODON's 1989 Marshall JCM 800 Lead Series Model 2204 50-Watt Master Volume Mk2 Head

    Please note, we no longer ship vintage amps. They are local pickup only. Give the store a call for more information 901-729-2466.

      Used 1989 Marshall JCM 800 Master Model 2204, 50-watt MK II Lead serial number X19564. Previously owned and toured with by Bill Kelliher of Mastadon, this amp head is in excellent condition, fully functional and cosmetically clean. The back panel has been signed by Bill.
      The JCM 800 series was introduced in 1981. Although the model 2204 had been in production since 1975, they were reintroduced as JCM800 amplifiers in '81. The JCM800 amplifiers became a staple of 1980s hard rock and heavy metal bands.
      These were the second series of Marshalls equipped with a master volume, which allowed for more distortion at lower volumes. The JCM800 is considered a "hot" amplifier because it has more gain stages than comparable amplifiers, and in "lead" mode, in the "high" input, an extra triode provides extra gain to the pre-amplifier, which really added to the highly driven rock sound.
    Great sounding amp, timeless design, strong powerful sound!

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  3. Marshall 1979 JMP 2104 50W 2x12 combo

    Please note, we no longer ship vintage amps. They are local pickup only. Give the store a call for more information 901-729-2466.

    What? What was that? I didn't hear you. You see, we the folks at Martin Music have sacrificed our hearing cranking up amps like this fine Marshall JMP combo, so we can give a report of each amp's tonal qualities. Here's the report in full, "It's loud as hell and it sounds awesome!" Succinct, and directly to the point. Here we have a Marshall JMP model 2104 50 watt master volume combo amplifier in excellent condition. Serial number 06891L. Overall it's in incredible condition for an amp that's 40 years old! It sounds incredible. Original Celestion speakers, and original transformers. Plug an SG into it and you'll get that elusive AC/DC crunch with all the sustain, feel, and growl so many of your favorite classic albums had. We've heard a lot of Marshalls...they are not all created equal...this is a good one. Grab it while you can.

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  4. Vintage 1973 Marshall model 2061 Lead & Bass 20 with matching 1x12 Cabinet

    Please note, we no longer ship vintage amps. They are local pickup only. Give the store a call for more information 901-729-2466.

    Here's a Marshall model 2061 Lead & Bass 20 head with super rare matching 1x12" ported cabinet. Both in fantastic all original condition. This 20 watt Marshall is possibly my favorite amp. It's compact, lightweight, and so so simple with only two controls for each channel (Tone/Volume). It’s easy to make this amp sound fantastic and impossible to make it sound bad, just plug in and crank it up. You can ‘jumper’ the two channels together for even more classic Marshal Plexi gain. The beauty of this amp is getting those magical Plexi tones at a reasonable volume. It's difficult to be in the same room with a 100 watt Super Lead and not go deaf! Even though the amp is only 20 watts, it’s still plenty loud. This amp and cabinet was special ordered in together in 1972 and they were delivered in 1973. It's pretty cool to know they've been together for the past 46 years.

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  5. Vintage 1971 Marshall 50 watt Tremolo 4x10 "Bluesbreaker" Model 1961

    Please note, we no longer ship vintage amps. They are local pickup only. Give the store a call for more information 901-729-2466.

    We are offering a 1971 Marshall model 1961 "Bluesbreaker" 4x10 combo, 50 watts with tremolo. This amp is super rare and super cool. The condition is very good. The grill looks great, with a few scuffs. The speakers are original with an offset 4x10 configuration. The tolex is fine and looks good. It works great, and it really sounds amazing. Eric Clapton used a four 10" model in the earliest days of John Mayall. A must have for the Marshall enthusiast!

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  6. Vintage 1973 Marshall JMP Artiste 2040 2x12 Combo

    Please note, we no longer ship vintage amps. They are local pickup only. Give the store a call for more information 901-729-2466.

    Vintage 1973 Marshall JMP 2040 Artiste model. Artistes were produced from 1971-1978 and are not common, especially the early hand-wired models. This has the more sought-after hand-wired point-to-point board: it's a relatively simple job to convert this to a Plexi-style circuit. As a result, these rare amps are getting even more rare and sought after. This compact 2x12 combo amp has two channels with two inputs per channel. Each channel has separate bass, treble, and volume controls, channel one having spring reverb. Presence controls governs both channels. They're not a typical Marshall and is more Fender in sound; almost like a Dual Showman on steroids, but with huge amounts of grunt and great break-up. Cabinet is fitted with original 2x12" Celestion G12H Greenback 16ohm speakers. This amp has seen some action and has tons of Mojo. Has scuffs and damage to the tolex and and there's minor damage to the speaker cloth, but none of this affects the amp's performance, which is awesome.

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  7. Marshall Class 5 combo w/Psionic Audio "True Plexi" Mods - Power Scaling

    This is a Marshall Class 5 combo w/Psionic Audio "True Plexi" Mods and Variable Voltage Circuit power scaling. Lyle Caldwell at Psionic Audio is our shop amp guru. He's well known as the master modder of Class 5 amps. This amp has his famous "True Plexi" mods, as well as the "Variable Voltage Circuit"; Lyle's take on power scaling. These mods cost $350 when the work was done. It works perfectly and sounds amazing. It's the perfect grab and go amp for small gigs, practice room, and recording.

    Here's a summary of the switch functions:
    1) Bright affects both the amount of treble and bass on the High Treble "channel." Left is warmer with more lows, right is brighter with fewer lows.
    2) Channel is a three way switch. Left is the "Normal" channel, right is the "High Treble" channel, and middle is both channels "jumpered."
    3) JTM/JMP: Left (JTM): both channels share a cathode circuit (more bass for the High Treble channel) and there is no bypass cap across V2a's cathode resistor, for slightly lower overall gain without as much emphasis over 700Hz).
    Right (JMP): each channel has its own cathode, with the High Treble having fewer lows, and the bypass cap is on V2a's cathode, for an overall gain increase with more emphasis over 700H"

    Also includes Variable Voltage control, so you can control the overall output even when you crank the main volume control.

    The speaker was also upgraded with a 30 watt 10" Weber Legacy Series - a $107 value.

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  8. Marshall 2525C MINI SILVER JUBILEE 1x12 Combo

    Regular Price: $2,050.00

    Special Price $1,499.00

    The JCM25/50 Silver Jubilee Series was produced in 1987 to celebrate 25 years of Marshall Amplification and 50 years of Jim Marshall being in the music business. Inspired by this acclaimed series the 20 Watt Mini Jubilee combo and ‘small box’ head combine classic Silver Jubilee preamp tone, features and styling in a lower power, "mini" design. This contemporary "mini" take on the Jubilee Series features: an ECC83 & EL34 valve-set, High/Low output switching, (20 Watt to 5 Watt), FX Loop and independent 4/8/16 Ohm speaker outputs. The 2525C combo is loaded with a single 12″ Celestion G12M-25 Greenback speaker. In keeping with classic Jubilee tone, Mini Jubilee features preamp circuitry taken from the 2555X which was launched in 2015 and made using the original diagrams. The amp also features classic silver vinyl and chrome plated panelling to complete the Jubilee look. The 2525 Mini Jubilee is expertly crafted and is designed, engineered and constructed to the highest possible standards at the Marshall factory in Bletchley, England.

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  9. Marshall Silver Jubilee 2551AV 4x12 Cabinet

    Regular Price: $1,800.00

    Special Price $1,299.99

    Configuration: 4 x 12"
    Speakers: 4 x 12" Celestion Vintage 30
    Power Handling: 280W
    Impedance: 4 ohms/16 ohms (Mono), 8 ohms (Stereo)
    Cabinet Type: Angled
    Height: 29.72"
    Width: 30.31"
    Depth: 14.37"
    Weight: 89.51 lbs

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  10. Marshall Silver Jubilee 2555 100 Watt Head

    Regular Price: $2,580.00

    Special Price $1,899.99

    Power: 100W (tube)
    Tubes: three 12AX7 (preamp); four EL34 (power amp)
    Two channels
    Controls: 3-band EQ, presence, output master (pull channel), lead master, input gain (pull rhythm clip)
    High/low output
    Impedance: 8, 16 ohms
    FX loop
    Direct output
    Footswitch included
    Dimensions: 29.1 in. x 12.3 in. x 8.2 in.
    Weight: 48.7 lb.
    Made in England

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  11. Marshall MX2x12 Extension Cab

    Regular Price: $470.00

    Special Price $349.99


    The lower cost MX212, 2 x 12” cab can be used with most Marshall heads, or as an extension cab for a 2 x 12” combo, which adds great flexibility to your setup. This mono cab, covered in Marshall Tolex, featuring the iconic Marshall baffle logo is loaded with Celestion Seventy 80 speakers.

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  12. Marshall DSL40c 1x12 40 watt Combo

    Regular Price: $970.00

    Special Price $699.00

    DSL40C The critically acclaimed DSL40C shares most of the same great features as the DSL100H: footswitchable classic/ultra gain channels, rear panel pentode/triode switch (40 Watt down to 20 Watt) and a rear panel series FX loop. Unlike the JCM2000 DSL amps, the DSL40C features footswitchable digital reverb – channel change and reverb on/off footswitch is supplied. The popularity of the DSL40C lies in its feature-packed capability, versatility, its volume-to-size ratio, and its value for money. The DSL40C is ultra portable, ultra loud, and is a ‘keen reminder that Marshall has earned every one of [its] 50 years at the top.’ – Total Guitar Magazine. The DSL40C is loaded with a single 12” 40 Watt Celestion Seventy 80 speaker.

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