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  1. USED Mesa Boogie M6 Carbine Rackmount Bass Head

    Mesa Boogie M6 Carbine bass head. USA made. In excellent condition. Has lived its entire life inside a rackcase and shows minor wear from being taken in and out of its case. In perfect working condition. Comes with power cable. Footswitch is not included...not a big deal as the footswitch only turns the EQ on and off and mutes the output. You'll always want this EQ turned on! This amp sounds amazing! I can't think of any gig that it couldn't do.

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  2. USED Bad Cat Stella 40w 1x12 Combo

    The Bad Cat Stella was an amp custom built for touring artist, James Duke, and was so good that Badcat wanted to offer it to everyone. The Stella is a simple single channel preamp based on the EF86 side of the Wild Cat. It has a 40 watt, EL34 based power section, running in class A. In excellent, condition. Never gigged with. Everything works great and sounds amazing.
    The control panel consist of the classic Bad Cat preamp: volume, five-way selector, bass, treble, cut and a master volume that can be switched out of the circuit. The Stella offers an EF86 front end for all of the sweet grind and chime that you have come to know as the classic Bad Cat sound. Combine this with the full force of the two EL34's running in class A and you have a pure single channel amp capable of going from sweet ringing chime, to full force roar with a change in pick attack.

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  3. USED Mesa Boogie Mark III Green Stripe Simul-Class Reverb EQ Electro-Voice EVM 12L Combo

    Up for sale is a Mesa Boogie Mark III loaded with every option - Simul-class power, heavy duty Electro Voice EVM 12L 12" speaker, Reverb, and EQ. This is the final version of the Mark III, Circa 1989. 100 watts. All tube. Three channels - clean, rhythm, and lead. It was identical to the Blue Stripe, except for the wiring of the Class A power amp tubes, which were switched to Pentode operation instead of Triode for a 10w RMS increase over previous Simul-Class amplifiers (15w/75w) making 25w/85w. In gently-used but excellent condition. Everything works as it should. Awesome clean and overdriven tones. With the graphic EQ, tone controls, push pull knobs, and back controls, you have tons of control and can get an amazing amount of tonal options. This amp has a dual footswitch system: one footswitch alternates between the rhythm mode and the lead mode, and the other selects either the clean rhythm mode or the crunch rhythm mode. The two rhythm modes share all of their controls, while the lead mode only shares the rhythm mode's tone stack, featuring independent gain and master volume controls.
    Loaded with an Electro-Voice EVM12L 12" speaker which is regarded by many pros as the worlds greatest speaker. This speaker by itself sells new for $270
    This is a very compact, very powerful, beautiful sounding amp.

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  4. Vintage 1971 Marshall 1959 Super Lead 100 Head & matching 4x12 cab

    Amazing sounding vintage Marshall Super Lead 100 head and matching 4x12 cabinet. Both made in 1971. This was previously owned by the guitarist from the legendary Memphis band, Target. Target had a large Mid-South regional fan base in the early 1970's and opened for Black Sabbath, Boston, and Kiss. Their lead singer, Jimi Jamison, went on to become the front man for Survivor and sang on a bunch of their hits; "I Can't Hold Back", High On You", "The Search Is Over", and "Burning Heart".

    The amp has been completely gone through and serviced: new F&T filter caps installed; three new Tung-Sol 12AX7 preamp tubes; new EL-34 power tubes; cleaned contact points to ensure good grounds; preamp circuit returned to '71 circuit; replaced output sockets with Beltons; new Carling switches installed; output transformer transformer wire splices redone to NASA standards, insulated, and secured beneath board; new grounded cable installed, fuse wire to code, unnecessary polarity circuit removed; 3000V diodes to prevent flyback damage; 1R resistors for checking individual output current draw (Yes, I know this is not how Marshall did it originally. This is better); Output jacks put back in, but new wire (The old thin stuff was bent and slightly corroded...not something I'd trust this output transformer to); all new 18AWG buss wire with good solder joints.

    The matching 4x12 cabinet has the original greenback Celestion G-12M 25 watt speakers.

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  5. Vintage 1956 Gibson GA-5 Skylark Amp

    God I love an old tube amp. Ain't nothin' in the world like 'em.  It's soul...that's what it's all about, soul. We have a 1956 Gibson Skylark GA-5 Amplifier. It has the original white tolex. The plastic Gibson logo is mostly gone. Our tech has gone through it, and it is working perfectly. Original tubes: USA made Tung Sol 6V6 GTA, RCA 12AX7, and RCA 5Y3GT. The transformer is changed with a Classic Tone, totally recapped, pots cleaned, and it has a new Jensen Mod speaker.  It sounds fantastic, with a tube harmonic distortion that is unbeatable. I would put it up against any Fender Champ. It's great for harp, great for guitar, great for the studio, great for inspiration. This amp will inspire you to play your best. It does show a fair amount of wear, but it has the vintage vibe and it's ready to go for another 50 years. Comes with the original speaker that will need reconing if you want to use it.

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  6. USED Fender 1967 Bassman Head
    1967 Fender Bassman with AB165 circuit. Learn More
  7. USED Vintage 1967 Blackface Fender Twin Reverb - NOT a Reissue
    This Twin has seen some use over its nearly 50 years of life, but its still i good shape for its age. Both Normal and Vibrato channels work. The reverb and trem both work. The speakers are non original. The original footswitch is included. Learn More
  8. USED Koch Multitone 2x12 Combo

    This 2x12 Koch Multitone is in spectacular cosmetic condition. A few scuffs, but no rips or scratches in the tolex or grill. Comes with 5-button footswitch. Works and functions perfectly.

    The Koch Multitone features a Pre-channel which ranges from clean to somewhat driven, with dedicated bass, mid, and treble controls. The Post-channel offers its own dedicated presence, bass, mid, & treble controls. This channel will get into very high-gain tones.

    Also featuring: 100-watts, long tank reverb, 5 button footswitch, damping switch, serial & parallel effects loops, and a penthode/triode switch to run the amp at 100% power or 50% power, and a direct output for recording.

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