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  1. Vintage 1962 Fender Deluxe Brownface

      Please note, we no longer ship vintage amps. They are local pickup only. Give the store a call for more information 901-729-2466.

      This is a vintage 1962 Fender Brownface Deluxe. It is an original Deluxe, not a reissue. 1962 was a great year for music. It's the same year Booker T. & the M.G.'s are formed here in Memphis, TN. The Beatles played their first session at EMI's Abbey Road Studios in London. Mick Jagger and Keith Richards met Brian Jones at the Ealing Club, a blues club in London. And this amp was built.
      One of the most celebrated guitar amplifiers ever produced, the Fender Deluxe has been in continuous production, in various versions, since 1946. Originally introduced as the Model 26 with a 10" speaker and wood cabinetry, the model was rechristened the Deluxe in 1948, and fitted with tweed covering and 12" speaker. Upgraded to 15 watts in 1954, the Deluxe was redesigned with the lustrous brown Tolex covering in 1961. Produced only until mid-1963, brown Tolex models are among of the rarest of all Fender amplifiers.
      This is an exceptionally fine example of pre-CBS production. It's so clean it could easily pass as a reissue. This 1962 Fender Deluxe amp features hand soldered point-to-point circuitry, and a classic 12" blue Jensen t speaker. Six knob layout includes Normal and Bright channels, the latter with tremelo Speed and Intensity controls. All original gleaming brown Tolex covering, grille cloth, knobs, foot switch and leather handle. The amplifier has been maintained in uncannily pristine condition and sounds equally amazing. RCA 6V6 power tubes. The handle is a new replacement and the original handle is included. A timeless classic, this brown beauty looks much like it did when it left the Fullerton factory in 1962.

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  2. Gjika Amplification Shawn Lane Stereo Amp RARE!

    Shawn Lane had the best combination of incredible speed and beautiful, melodic phrasing I've ever heard. I feel very lucky to have known and taken lessons from him. Some of my fondest memories in the late 80's and early 90's were spent in his studio, which was just a back bedroom in his Grandmother's house. He tracked some magic in that small room! When I first met him he was playing a Holmes Mississippi Bluesmaster amp, Westbury tube overdrive, and a couple of Boss pedals. His cabinet was mic'd up in the closet and pedals were on the floor in front of his mixer. I distinctly remember going over to Shawn's house right after he'd gotten his Gjika preamp and power amp. His Holmes rig sounded fantastic, but nowhere near as good as the Gjika. I'd never heard an amp like Gjika and have heard countless amps since then but to this day have not heard another like it.

    If you are looking at this, I will assume you know exactly what it is and how amazing this amp is. If not, just listen to Shawn's guitar tone on "Grey Pianos Flying" from the Powers Of Ten album or his cover of Jimi Hendrix's "Peace In Mississippi" which he recorded in the early 90's but released later on The Tri-Tone Fascination. You'll get a good sense of what this amp can do.

    This amp is what Bob Gjika felt was the pinnacle of single ended amp design. 40 watts stereo with 4 power tubes per side running single ended. It's identical to the amp that Shawn Lane used to record the Powers Of Ten album, and subsequently toured with. It has two tone controls giving the amp more tonal options. Built at the same time as Shawn's amp, it has been brought to us by a gentleman who was partners with Bob Gjika during the mid-80's. It has been checked out by a local amp tech, and is in perfect working order.

    This is an amazing piece of gear. Built like a tank. A guitar amplifier that will be revered for years to come alongside Trainwreck and Dumble.

    The preamp and power amp tubes will ship in separate boxes. This power amp is quite heavy and will ship without the power tubes to ensure they are not damaged in transit. Everything will be packed meticulously. Please contact us directly so that we can give you an accurate shipping quote.

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  3. Jim's Guitars Screaming Baby 15w Guitar Tube Amp

    We all know that there is nothing better than a screaming tube amp. Turn that baby to 10 and let it wail! That's what this amp was built for; to scream, scream, then scream some more. Hand built for Jim's Guitars in York, PA, the Screaming Baby is based on designs by Premier, the great fifties amps. This is the ultimate studio amp or small gigging amp. I have one, I love it, and play out with mine...we get fairly loud too. It's a great sounding amp. Hand-wired, all tube, 15 watt combo made in the USA! Features 1 x 10 inch Jensen Tornado Neodymium speaker, fully adjustable reverb and tremolo, footswitchable gain boost, mic/accordion input, & 1/4 inch speaker out @ 8 ohms. Lightweight & perfect for recording. It's great looking, with a total vintage, retro look. This is a used amp, and shows some cosmetic wear, but works fine, and sounds great.

    New retail price for this amp is $2099 and can be purchased at a discount for $1399. Grab this one for a whole lot less!!

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  4. Vintage 1971 Marshall 1959 Super Lead 100 Head & matching 4x12 cab

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    Amazing sounding vintage Marshall Super Lead 100 head and matching 4x12 cabinet. Both made in 1971. This was previously owned by the guitarist from the legendary Memphis band, Target. Target had a large Mid-South regional fan base in the early 1970's and opened for Black Sabbath, Boston, and Kiss. Their lead singer, Jimi Jamison, went on to become the front man for Survivor and sang on a bunch of their hits; "I Can't Hold Back", High On You", "The Search Is Over", and "Burning Heart".

    The amp has been completely gone through and serviced: new F&T filter caps installed; three new Tung-Sol 12AX7 preamp tubes; new EL-34 power tubes; cleaned contact points to ensure good grounds; preamp circuit returned to '71 circuit; replaced output sockets with Beltons; new Carling switches installed; output transformer transformer wire splices redone to NASA standards, insulated, and secured beneath board; new grounded cable installed, fuse wire to code, unnecessary polarity circuit removed; 3000V diodes to prevent flyback damage; 1R resistors for checking individual output current draw (Yes, I know this is not how Marshall did it originally. This is better); Output jacks put back in, but new wire (The old thin stuff was bent and slightly corroded...not something I'd trust this output transformer to); all new 18AWG buss wire with good solder joints.

    The matching 4x12 cabinet has the original greenback Celestion G-12M 25 watt speakers.\

    This item is not available for purchase in the cart. Please contact us directly to get a chipping quote to you. 901-729-2466. Thanks!

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  5. Vintage 1956 Gibson GA-5 Skylark Amp

    God I love an old tube amp. Ain't nothin' in the world like 'em.  It's soul...that's what it's all about, soul. We have a 1956 Gibson Skylark GA-5 Amplifier. It has the original white tolex. The plastic Gibson logo is mostly gone. Our tech has gone through it, and it is working perfectly. Original tubes: USA made Tung Sol 6V6 GTA, RCA 12AX7, and RCA 5Y3GT. The transformer is changed with a Classic Tone, totally recapped, pots cleaned, and it has a new Jensen Mod speaker.  It sounds fantastic, with a tube harmonic distortion that is unbeatable. I would put it up against any Fender Champ. It's great for harp, great for guitar, great for the studio, great for inspiration. This amp will inspire you to play your best. It does show a fair amount of wear, but it has the vintage vibe and it's ready to go for another 50 years. Comes with the original speaker that will need reconing if you want to use it.

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