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  1. G&L USA Limited Edition Doheny Miami Blue w/ hand-painted Tiki art by Clee Sobieski #0193

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      G&L's extremely limited Tahiti model, named after its hand-painted tiki artwork. Limited to only 60 instruments, this guitar was designed in collaboration with Palm Springs-based tiki artist Clee Sobieski.
      Inspired by the classic surf sound born in Southern California, the G&L Doheny takes its name from the iconic beach in the heart of Orange County where ’60s surf pioneers became legends. Since those halcyon days, both music and surfing have evolved far beyond their roots, and so has the performance of the gear.
      Doheny takes the bolt-on offset-body into new sonic territory with newly developed Magnetic Field Design jazz pickups, the first on any production G&L. Naturally, these new pickups will invite comparison to Leo’s jumbo MFD ASAT Special pickups, given they employ a narrow bobbin aperture and broad coil splay. But Doheny’s MFD pickups are more about jangle than twang, just as they should be for a guitar like this. With a classic jazz bobbin aperture wrapped with traditional Formvar wire, these pickups just might be the approach Leo would have taken had he been with us a few years longer.
      So what’s it like? The sound is rich in harmonics yet surprisingly full, the result of carefully researching and applying Leo’s creative work across the decades. The Doheny pickups deliver the experience fans have hoped for, with their flexibility maximized by the PTB tone system that allows echoes of yesteryear while delivering more output and range for today’s music. Add in Leo’s finest vibrato for enhanced tuning stability and improved sustain, and the results are astounding.

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  2. 1986 G&L Broadcaster serial #00002

    Every now and then a guitar comes along that has so much documented history, it reads like a great book. This guitar can be traced back to it's inception. We have a 1986 G&L Broadcaster serial #BC00002. Check that out. Number 2! Here's the story: This guitar was purchased from Kenneth Hyatt, son of the late Dale L. Hyatt. Dale Hyatt was one the original partners of G&L, along with Leo Fender and George Fullerton. The entire saga is written up by My Hyatt's son in a several-page letter that will be included with the guitar. The history is eloquently written and quite fascinating; detailing the history of G&L. I'll give a brief synopsis: Dale Hyatt had worked with Leo Fender for years, back in the Fender days and again, with G&L. When George Fullerton left, Dale Hyatt took over the day to day management of the factory. Mr Hyatt had a keen sense of history and kept the first serial number plates, 00001 to 00059 for special models. In 1986 this guitar was built for Dale Hyatt using the early serial plate and it is signed by Leo Fender.

    This guitar is in mint condition. It has never been played and still has the protective plastic covering on the pickguard. We also have the original shipping box! The "black on black" design again was Dale Hyatt's idea. This instrument is not only historically significant, it's a fantastic guitar.

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  3. USED 1991 G&L ASAT Classic Signature Series Prototype

      It's a rare occurrence to come across a vintage guitar with provenance. Many guitars have stories, but few can be proved. The story behind this guitar is amazing, and is well documented. This prototype G&L ASAT Classic was built for Dale L. Hyatt who was a close friend and partner of Leo Fender in the G&L guitar company. Mr. Hyatt worked closely with George Fullerton and Leo Fender on designs. Mr. Hyatt kept prototype guitars in his office to get feedback from dealers and players, with the thought of using their input in future designs. This guitar is a prototype, made for Mr Hyatt in 1991. It has two features that are unique and non-standard. First is the intensely figured Birdseye Maple neck that is drop dead gorgeous. Hyatt had been working with Gulag Gidwani, the owner of an exotic wood supply company that specialized in providing high end woods to instrument manufactures. The wood on the neck was purchased specifically for this instrument from Gulag's inventory. The second unique feature is the special two-tone, black/chrome Schaller tuning machines. These tuners were out of a prototype batch of tuners made by Helmut Schaller and were custom made for Mr. Hyatt. 
      It was Mr. Hyatt who convinced Leo Fender to name this model "ASAT Classic" because he felt it was classic in the same vein as the ASAT, featuring more traditional specs. The guitar was kept by Mr. Hyatt after his retirement and later on passed to his son. It is mint, not tampered with, and unplayed. It is the only one on the planet. Comes with original G&L advertisement pages from the time, G&L brochure, a copy of the G&L handwritten production sheet from 1991 showing this guitar, documentation from Kenneth L. Hyatt, Dale's son, who still works for G&L, a photo of Mr Hyatt with the guitar, and original hard case.

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  4. G&L ASAT Deluxe - Black Limba / Swamp Ash - Honeyburst #5499
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    This ASAT Deluxe has been upgraded with a Black Limba top, DFS Trem/Vibrato, and Light Tint Satin neck finish.

    The G&L ASAT Deluxe takes the iconic ASAT into humbucker territory while retaining the feel and playability that have made the ASAT a perennial favorite among players. Essentially a fusion of Fullerton and Kalamazoo, the Deluxe features Seymour Duncan humbuckers housed in a Premium Black Limba Top over Swamp Ash body. An innovative G&L Saddle-Lock bridge transfers string energy right into the body end-grain to make the most of the resonant body wood combination. The familiar ASAT feel continues with a hard-rock maple neck sporting an easy-playing satin finish, comfortable 9 1/2" radius and Jescar 57110 medium-jumbo nickel-silver frets for silky playability.

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