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  1. USED 2014 Gibson ES-Les Paul Light Burst

    I was a vintage guitar snob for years. The level of my arrogance was stupefying. I would say things like, "I won't play any guitar made after 1961." I have calmed down considerably in my old age. I like a lot of new stuff now, as well as guitars like this semi-hollow Les Paul which is actually a really, really good idea. Such a good idea that I'm surprised it took Gibson so long to come out with it. We have a 2014 Gibson ES-Les Paul that is a fantastic guitar. The first thing you notice is the top, which is nicely figured flame maple. It is really striking. The top is a Light Burst finish. It's lightweight but still has the great "Les Paul" tone. It is very clean, showing the barest hint of wear. The frets are perfect, it plays and sounds great. Comes with Gibson hard case.

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  2. Vintage 1959 Gibson ES-225T Sunburst

    I was listening to Buddy Holly do "Peggy Sue" the other day. His guitar sound is so cool. They had a microphone right on the strings just picking up the right hand. Nikki Sullivan, the other guitar player in the group, had the job of switching pickups for the solo. Buddy was playing all downstrokes, so switching pickups was a problem. Forgive me while I digress into another useless bit of rock and roll trivia. Now to the subject at hand, we have a 1959 Gibson ES-225T, very similar to the one Nikki Sullivan played. See how I worked that in? This is a single pickup model. It is in excellent condition. Super clean and nice. The tuners are repro, Kluson Style, the pickup is a Lindy Fralin P-90 style, the pots are changed. The bridge is the correct style, and is stamped "Patent Pending. It may be a repro, or it may have been rechromed...hard to tell. Comes with a new pickguard inside the case. The frets are in great shape, it plays fantastic and sounds so good. As I said, it is very clean and nice. Comes with a very nice, non original case.

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  3. USED 1976 Gibson ES-335TD Semi-hollow

    Here we have a 1976 Gibson ES-335TD with a factory original Burgundy Red finish. The serial number is 00 147142, which is on a decal on the back of the neck. That numbering system was only used for three years. The tuners have been changed to Schallers. The hardware is chrome. There is some pitting on the pickup covers, bridge and tailpiece. The tailpiece has been converted from trapeze to a stop tailpiece; a big improvement in tone.  The pickups are "tar back" style. The pickups were used for a period of time during the 70's. The pickups themselves are encased in plastic to stop feedback. They sound really good and the pickups alone typically sell on ebay for over $200 each. It has a factory phase switch that Gibson used on the 335 models for about three years. The frets show wear, but still have life left in them. There is age appropriate nicks and dings, and wear. This guitar is structurally solid, very comfortable to play, and the overall condition is good. It sounds great and with the factory phase switch it is extremely versatile. It's a cool vintage Gibson that won't break the bank. Comes with original hard case.

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  4. USED Vintage 1950 Gibson L-4 Sunburst Acoustic Archtop

    So, I'm researching this guitar, and I find out it is a 1950 model. I started telling everybody, "Man, this is an old guitar, 1950!" Everybody at the shop says, "That IS old!" Then I realize, I was born in 1951. So from now on I'm not saying anything about a guitar being old. We are offering a Gibson L-4 made in 1950. The back of the neck has been refinished. There was a crack in the headstock on the low E string side that was repaired, pro job.  The body finish is original.  The tailpiece has been changed. It is the same style as the original. The bridge thumb wheels have been changed, but the bridge is original. It is missing the pickguard. The tuners are repro Kluson style. There is a plugged jack-hole on the lower bout. There is a fair amount of pick wear on the top. It was well-used and well-loved. It plays fine, sounds great, and looks very cool. The frets have been professionally refretted and are in near perfect shape. The action is great; comfortable and fast. It is a very cool, vintage guitar. Great for jazz, blues, or whatever. Comes with a hardshell case that's not in great shape, but will be fine to store it and ship it in. This is a real vintage Gibson, one of their mid line models for $2000, which is a great deal.

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  5. SOLD - USED Vintage 1973 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe - Signed by Les Paul!

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    We are offering a 1973 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe in excellent condition with original tobacco sunburst finish, and two mini humbucker pickups. The wiring is all original, pot codes 137730. The serial number is 179118. Learn More
  6. USED Gibson Vintage Melody Maker D w/ Original Case 1961
    We are offering a 1961 Gibson Melody Maker D. Serial number #38974. Learn More
  7. USED 1939 Gibson L12

    Gibson L-12. Made in 1939. Serial number 96569 white oval label. Original finish. Gorgeous patina. 17" lower bout. Sunburst finish. Handcarved bookmatched solid spruce top. 14-fret 2-piece maple neck with dark center stripe. Solid bubble maple back. Solid maple sides. Brazilian rosewood fingerboard. Art-deco peghead mother of pearl inlay and double parallelogram fingerboard inlay. Bound fingerboard, peghead and body. Bone nut. Replacement pickguard. Fishman Archtop pickup professionally installed - there's an old bridge included inside the case - we are not sure if it is original or not. Had a refret at some point and the frets still have many years of life in them. This guitar is ready to play right now! Comes with original tweed case that is in excellent condition. I'm blown away by the flame maple back. It has the original gold plated Kluson sealed tuners. It's art deco heaven, a really gorgeous guitar. It's a great sounding archtop, I would put it up against any archtop guitar.

    Original case with replacement handle - original handle is included in the case.

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