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  1. USED 2017 Gibson Firebird - Pelham Blue

    2017 Gibson Firebird in Pelham Blue. Near-mint condition. Only some faint surface scratches on the pickguard. No dings or finish scratches. Neck is straight and true. Frets show no wear. Sounds fantastic. Plays spectacularly. A real beauty! Comes with original hardshell case.

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  2. Fender 2006 Stratocaster 60th Anniversary Diamond Limited Edition #2437

    I wonder if Leo Fender knew when he saw the first Fender Stratocaster roll off the production line that he had invented an iconic guitar? An instrument that would help define popular music and popular culture for decades, and would still be going strong 60 years later. Probably not. I bet he thought, "Well, I hope somebody buys it". We are a ways down the from the inception of the Fender Stratocaster and I promise you people will continue playing them for many years to come. Today we have a very cool, 2006 Fender Stratocaster 60th Anniversary Standard made in the USA. Fender made this guitar to commemorate the company's founding 1946-2006.
    What makes this guitar special: This is a great anniversary model that takes the tried and true American Standard and adds a nice twist in terms of tone. This model comes loaded with American Vintage '57 pickups that still carry many of the traditional Stratocaster tones, yet has a slightly smoother response through the middle positions, with a warmer low end and shimmer in the top. Plus, it also comes with the Delta Tone circuit that adds a little extra heat to the bridge and mid-range throughout. Other than that, it is a solid-playing, great-sounding, and classic-looking American Stratocaster. It has the 60th Anniversary medallion on the back of the headstock, and a special logo on the front with a diamond inside. This guitar is super clean, it still has the plastic coating on the pickguard. The neck is straight and true. The frets are in perfect condition. It plays and sounds great. The maple neck has an Indian rosewood fingerboard with a comfortable C profile. The sunburst finish is beautiful. This guitar comes with a special 60th Anniversary case with grey tolex and red, plush interior. The case shows some wear and comes with all the case candy and strap.

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  3. Vintage 1938 Rickenbacker Electro Model 59 Lap Steel

    The year 1938! Of course you all remember that as the year Sea Biscuit beat War Admiral. It was also the year of the famous Orson Wells broadcast that caused panic in the streets. A new house cost $3,900. The average wage was 1730.00 per year. A loaf of bread cost 9 cents. It was also the year somebody bought this cool Rickenbacker Model 59 lap steel. We are talking history here folks, and boy is this instrument is full of history. It is stamped metal with a screaming, original horseshoe pickup, volume and tone knobs, and original black/gray burst finish. One tuner has been repaired with a different button. One knob is broken but is functional. Comes with original case. It shows a fair amount of wear; it is 80 years old after all. This is a great blues lap steel. Tune her to open E and let it wail! Make this beautiful old Rick lap steel yours, and relive 1938 forever.

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  4. USED Vintage 1960's Baldwin Burns Jazz Guitar Split Sound WILD DOG!

    We are offering a 1960's Baldwin Jazz Guitar, Split Sound model. These were made in England by the Burns Company. It is red sunburst with a strat style body, six in line tuners, tremelo and three pickups. The "Split Sound" pickups are like the ones Brian May used in his famous made at home guitar. It plays fine, the pickups sound great, and it has the "Wild Dog" setting. There is some wear, nicks, dings and scratches. The overall condition is good. It's a very cool guitar that won't break the bank. Comes with hard case.

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  5. Vintage 1960's Vox Guitar Case

    Geez, I wanted a Vox Phantom so badly in 1965. Brian Jones played one and he was the bomb. In my mind he was just the coolest guy ever. When I saw my first real Vox in person at Melody Music here in Memphis, I was stunned. I was even more stunned by the case. It was different than any other guitar case I had ever seen. I've got the case. If you have the guitar but no case, we need to hook up. This is a mid sixties Vox case measuring 44" long, 5 3/4" wide at the top width, 17" wide and 4 1/4" deep. The latches and hinges work fine, and the tolex is in good shape. There is some wear but it is in remarkably good condition, especially considering its age.

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  6. USED Vintage 1960's Kay Teisco EP-100T Hollowbody Guitar
    For fans of mid sixties, Japan made, bizarre guitars, this is a great one. A mid sixties EP-100T made by Teisco in Japan and sold under the Kay brand name. Learn More

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