Paul Reed Smith

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  1. PRS Paul Reed Smith Stealth 2x12 Closed-Back Speaker Cabinet with Celestion Modified Vintage 30 Speakers

    Please note, we no longer ship vintage or used amps. They are local pickup only. Give the store a call for more information 901-729-2466.

    Here's a pre-owned PRS Stealth 2x12 cabinet in mint condition. High End Tone and Durability This 2x12 Closed Back PRS Stealth Speaker Cabinets feature solid pine, finger-joint construction for strength and durability. The 2x12 Cabinet features Celestion Vintage 30's and the 4x10 Cabinet features Celestion G10 Greenback speakers.All of our Stealth Cabinets are wrapped in our heavy duty black "Stealth" tolex covering with gold piping. It sold for $889 when new.

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  2. Paul Reed Smith Archon 2x12 Cabinet

    PRS Archon speaker cabinets feature a closed back design, delivering punch and tight low end. The Celestion V-Type speaker was chosen for its ability to maintain a balanced tonal signature from the Archon’s exceptional clean channel through classic crunch and modern metal gain. Wrapped in black vinyl and outfitted with British-style knitted weave grill cloth and PRS Signature logo, Archon speaker cabinets have a clean and powerful look. Their rugged construction means players can trust them out on the road for years to come.

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  3. Paul Reed Smith Archon 50-Watt Head

    Greek for “ruler” or “lord,” the PRS Archon is a commanding 2-channel amp with versatile overdriven tones and sparkling cleans with plenty of headroom. Designed with five gain stages before the master volume, the Archon’s lead channel is voiced to cover everything from Classic Rock to Metal with full, lush distortion. The clean channel provides rich tones that retain clarity even at high volume, and there is ample headroom, creating an excellent platform for pedals. The Archon has remarkably responsive tone with incredible note separation, whether you’re playing on the clean channel or chugging on the lead.

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  4. Paul Reed Smith Tremonti MT 1x12 Closed Back Cab

    Wood(s): Birch Plywood
    Colors: Stealth w/ Open Weave Black Grill Cloth & Black Piping
    Speaker(s): Celestion Vintage 30
    Power-Handling: 60 Watts
    Impedance: 16 Ohms
    Dimensions, LxWxH: 24” x 10.5” x 18”
    Weight: 40 lbs

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4 Item(s)