PRS DGT 15 Amp Head

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PRS DGT 15 Amp Head Item #DGT15Amp

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Designed to rival Grissom’s favorite vintage amps, the PRS DGT 15 is rich with character. With all the magic of smaller-wattage vintage tube amps, it is fully applicable in a modern setting thanks to its extensive highly-functional tone-sculpting controls. Starting with a 3-band TMB tone stack, the DGT 15 also includes a 3-position bright switch, boost, reverb, top cut, and presence front-panel controls. The bright switch can be set to on, off, or on except when the boost is engaged – so you can intricately manipulate the amp’s high-end. The Master Volume can be set to be on, off, or on only with the Boost. The tremolo circuit oscillates the power tube bias (old-school) and features speed and depth front panel controls to dial in to the exact preference.



PRS DGT 15 Amp