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  1. USED 1968 Gibson EB-2 Hollowbody Bass Tobacco Sunburst

    I grew up in the British Invasion. It was such an exciting time! A great many of the bass players used Gibson or Epiphone semi hollow body basses. Chas Chandler of the Animals, the great Paul Samwell-Smith of the Yardbirds. Put flatwound strings on them and and play with a pick, then you have one of the most unique bass sounds around. The bass player in the Strypes uses one now. They are really cool basses, everybody needs one. Here we have a 1968 Gibson EB-2 in tobacco sunburst. This is a good one, clean and nice. It's been gone over by our luthier. The electronics have been cleaned, truss rod adjusted, frets polished, and set up. It's good to go right out of the box. There is some light lacquer checking, which adds to the charm and vintage patina. There are two small screw holes in the top where a previous owner installed a thumb rest, other than that, it is all original with the original hard case. This one sounds great. Play "Train Kept A Rolling" by the Yardbirds on this bass, and you will swear you are in 1965. It is a big, awesome sound. It has the original mute and bridge cover.

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  2. Used Fodera Monarch Deluxe - Burled Walnut #2821

    This Fodera Monarch Deluxe 5 string features a stunning burled walnut top with matching pickup covers, and headstock veneer. The sustain seems to go on forever and harmonics are easy to get in every position of the fretboard. Built 7/21/2007. This bass is in excellent, near-mint condition. The frets have no wear on them. The neck is straight as an arrow. It's set up perfect with super fast and low action. It plays like a dream! New price for this bass would be $11,500. Grab this killer bass for a great deal! 

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  3. USED 1963 Gretsch 6070 Country Gentleman Hollowbody Bass

    Here's a super cool bass that you don't see very often. We have a 1963 Gretsch 6070 Country Gentleman hollow body bass. Featues one single Gretsch Supertron pickup. This is a great sounding bass, perfect for blues, jump blues, jazz, rock, anything you want. The neck feel has a similar profile to an upright bass: BIG and full, and it has that upright bass thump too, even when it's plugged in. Just so cool. Now the downside: it has the typical vintage Gretsch binding issues, which means it's going brittle and crumbling. The previous owner says the binding hasn't changed in the last 20 years, and it does appear to be stable. If it were mine, I would leave the binding alone. It certainly doesn't affect the sound or playability. The finish is original...everything is original for that matter. We are selling it as-is regarding cosmetic issues, but we guarantee that the bass works and plays fine. The frets are in good shape. This bass has had flatwound strings on it its entire life, so the fingerboard is in fine shape. The bass player for the Sons Of Champlin played a bass just like this at the Human Be In in San Francisco, so there's that. There is no case and no stand post.

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  4. USED Fender Vintage 1974 Precision P-Bass Natural w/OHSC
    The tone of Fender's "P-Bass" is still widely regarded as the standard by which other bass guitars should be judged and acts as a signpost for comparisons and this one is no exception. Comes with original Fender hard case. Learn More
  5. HOLD - USED Tobias Classic 6 string bass #10121
    5-piece neck-thru with Pau Ferro fingerboard, solid wings Whether it's Rock or Reggae, the Tobias Basic will effortlessly handle any demand. The two-piece Walnut/Purple Heart body w/ Spruce top and five-piece Asymâ„¢ neck make it a solid masterpiece of modern bass design. Our strict quality control standards ensure you receive the best handcrafted instrument made. Learn More

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