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  1.   Fodera Emperor 5 Standard - Ash/Poplar Burl #5202

    Part of a small batch run Fodera built for us. This bass has woods that we hand selected with the Fodera team that make them more similar to Fodera's custom build basses. This one upgraded with premium Poplar Burl top and Ebony fingerboard.

    Other specs:

    Medium weight Ash body
    3-pc Maple Neck
    Fodera / Duncan Dual Coil Pickups
    Fodera / Pope 3-Band Standard Preamp
    34 inch scale, 24 large frets, 19.0mm spacing
    Fodera 19.0mm Standard Bridge

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  2. Fodera Monarch 5 Deluxe - Spalted Maple #814D

    Regular Price: $11,100.00

    Special Price $8,930.00

    Featuring a Walnut body and Ebony fingerboard, giving it a deep, punchy tone with percussive lows, precise mids, and a clear bell-like high end. The 35" scale serves to increase the string tension, making for a super tight B string! This bass also features a Spalted Maple top with matching wooden pickup covers, for a gorgeous look.

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  3. Fodera Walnut Burl Emperor II 5 Elite #02N2

    Regular Price: $12,850.00

    Special Price $12,018.00

    This Emperor II 5-string features a gorgeous Walnut Burl solid top and wooden pickup covers. This particular type of figuring can also be referred to as "Marble Cake", which is only fitting for a bass with such a delicous tone!

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  4. Fodera Emperor Deluxe 5-String - 5A Quilted Maple #579D

    Regular Price: $11,100.00

    Special Price $10,308.00

    Look at this regal beast! This is a spectacular Emperor Deluxe five string bass from our friends at Fodera Guitars. It took a while to come in, and after hearing it, we're positive it was worth every minute we waited. Delve deep into the low-end with this five banger equipped with Seymour Duncan Dual Coil pickups and a 3 band active preamp, ensuring that other registers can stand out as well. Fodera basses are among the most versatile basses ever made, great for live performances and perfect for studio recording.

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4 Item(s)