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  1. TC Electronic K-210 Bass Cab

    The Bass Is Strong With This One

    TC's new K210 bass cabinet doesn't just look the part, it also sounds it. Behind the awesome vintage-vibed exterior you'll find two custom-made 10" drivers and a 1" ceramic tweeter that are sure to bring all the punch, clarity and low-end roar you could ever want for your bass tone. With an 8 Ohm impedance, 400W power handling and a weight of only 20 kg/44 lbs, this cabinet is truly built with the modern bass player in mind.

    • Lightweight and portable design
    • High-quality custom drivers
    • Vintage-vibed look
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  2. USED Fender 1967 Bassman Head
    1967 Fender Bassman with AB165 circuit. Learn More
  3. Magnatone Super Fifty-Nine Head

    Our beloved boss, Eric Martin took me to see Jeff Beck a couple of months ago.  (I'm sucking up a little bit, we are having an employee meeting Saturday, I've never attended one, I feel a little  fear and trepidation, but that's really normal for me.)  We are offering a Magnatone Super 59 Mark ll.  That's what Jeff was using at the show, he sounded so, so good.  This amp is  amazing.  What can I say, Jeff Beck plays one, is there any better recommendation? 

    The Magnatone Super 59 is the modern incarnation of the classic Magnatone. Cosmetically striking in its black levant with white satin grill cloth, edged by piping and sleek and luxurious, the Super 59 oozes style and fashion. A pair of EL34’s and a GZ34 rectifier form the basis of this rock and roll machine. Two independent channels; normal and vibrato allow you to choose your voice and mood for the evening.

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  4. Blackstar HTV-112 Speaker Cabinet

    Brand new with full warranty. MSRP $287

    Equipped with a 12" Celestion driver and voiced to work with the HT Venue amplifiers, as well as a wide range of other products. Finger-locked (comb) joints, heavy duty wiring and a cool vintage styling.

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  5. Bad Cat Bobcat 20R 1x12 Combo
    $1,599.00 Click for price
    The Bobcat 20 is small combo featuring a single 6SL7 preamp tube feeding into a push-pull dual 6V6 power section. The front panel offers simple controls of gain, tone, boost tone, reverb and master volume. There are two small toggle switches on the front panel that engage the Rip Circuit for higher gain and a boost circuit. The boost circuit bypasses the tone control for a thicker more midrange heavy tone. The Boost is foot switchable. Spring reverb and a passive series effects loop round out this combo. Learn More
  6. Vox AC15 HW1 Handwired
    $1,629.00 Click for price
    There may never have been an amp boasting such a lofty and pure sound in the entire history of VOX. The VOX Hand-Wired Series relies on the painstaking technique of turret board hand-wiring – a method requiring a high level of skill and craftsmanship – is used, resulting in wiring that's beautiful in its artistry, ensuring an efficient signal path with minimal loss and no restriction in amplitude. In the Hand-Wired Series, tubes, transformers, speakers, chassis, and custom parts all join together in an ideal state to deliver the richest and most powerful sonic experience – the ultimate amp. Not bound by tradition, the VOX Hand-Wired Series also provides a variety of new functions that keep pace with the needs of today's artists. Offering a rich variety of tonal shadings and a broad model lineup, the enormous potential of the VOX Hand-Wired Series will reveal itself in any musical scenario. Learn More
  7. Magnatone Varsity - Burgundy Crocodile 1x12 Combo

    The Varsity produces 15 watts of Class-A EL84 power in a manageable 12" speaker combo that delivers the goods. Rich harmonics, amazing headroom, and overdrive to die for, the Varsity has tone for days!

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  8. Mesa/Boogie Mark V - Private Reserve Claro Flamed Walnut & Wicker Grille - 1x12 Combo

    Upgraded with Mesa's Private Reserve Claro flamed Walnut, and Wicker Grill!

    The Mesa/Boogie Mark V is the pinnacle of decades of Mesa research, development, blood, sweat, tears, and love. And it's in a combo! It's less of a guitar amplifier and more of a collection of guitar amplifiers, including all of the best features and tones from the Mark I, Mark IIC+, and Mark IV. Think of it as a Greatest Hits album with some bonus tracks thrown onto the end, which could really be singles in their own right. The squadron of knobs and switches ensure that you're able to dial in whatever tones you need, and the new Simul-Class Power Amp featuring Multi-Watt and Duo-Class technologies give you three unique and switchable amplifier operating systems: 2 power tubes operating in pure vintage Class A (single-ended) producing 10 Watts, 2 tubes running in time-honored Class A/B producing 45 Watts, or 4 tubes running that blends the best of Class A and Class A/B simultaneously to produce 90 Watts / 4x6L6 (or 4xEL-34), 7x12AX7, 1x5U4. Three fully independent channels with nine modes offer even more tonal customization, and a graphic 5 Band EQ comes at the end of the signal change to make sure your tones can be tailored to your ears. A bevy of further options are at your disposal, including tuner footswitch outputs, a Bias Select Switch to switch between 6L6 and EL34 tubes, Output Level Control, Slave Out with Level Control, and even a switch to silence the fan! Mesa really thought of everything!

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  9. Mesa/Boogie Express 5:25+ 1x12 Combo in Fawn Slub Bronco

    The 5:25 offers a super versatile, tone-packed preamp featuring two fully independent Channels, each of which contain two style enhanced modes to choose from when creating your footswitching preferences. Channel 1 hosts the blooming low-gain sweetness of CLEAN or the snarling mid-gain percussiveness of CRUNCH and covers the rhythm territories. Channel 2 offers a different face to mid-gain with the howling honesty of BLUES or a high-gain adventure through the searing layers of molten harmonics in BURN. Together these two inspiring modes invite years of solo exploration.

    Shown here in beautiful Fawn Slub Bronco

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  10. Mesa/Boogie Recto-Verb Twenty-Five 1x12 Combo in Fawn Slub Bronco

    Introducing the Recto-Verb Twenty-Five 1x12 Combo, the Reverb-endowed, fraternal-twins of Mesa's little Mini Rectifier lunchbox that's been taking names all over the globe. This even mightier package is slightly larger – just big enough to accommodate a 1x12 speaker and long-spring Reverb tank – and boast all the same great performance that the Mini Rec is famous for and more. Plus, their classic vinyl-covered birch cabinets provide a wide array of custom finish options to fully personalize them.

    The lush tube-driven Reverb widens the sound and sweetens the attack just a bit, increasing its versatility and appeal for players who favor lower to medium gain in
    their style. But don't fret... for those into heavier tones, the trademark Recto sounds are all here and completely authentic.

    Featured here in beautiful Fawn Slub Bronco.

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  11. Mesa/Boogie 1x12 WideBody Guitar Cabinet - Fawn Slub Bronco

    90 Watt
    C90 Speaker
    8 Ohm

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  12. Blackstar Series One 2X12 Extension Cab

    Brand new with full warranty. MSRP $849.99

    The S1-212 is a 2x12 cabinet perfect for use as an extension cabinet for the S1-45 combo, or as a compact cab for use with a Series One head. Loaded with Celestion Vintage 30 12" speakers it has excellent tone and focus.

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