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  1. USED 1973 Gretsch 7660 Chet Atkins Nashville

    This is a nice guitar, kind of rare too. We have a Gretsch 7660 Chet Atkins Nashville made in 1973. It features a Bigsby tailpiece, open F-holes, two black top filtertron pickups, Burns gearbox for truss rod adjustment, and Van Zandt tuners. This was made in the USA and is one of the early Baldwin made instruments. It is very clean and nice. The overall condition is excellent. There is some wear on the gold hardware. The frets are fine. It comes in a 1960's Gretsch hard case. I love the neck, with a 1-11/16" nut width and very comfortable slim "C" shape profile. This is a chance to own a vintage, USA made Gretsch without breaking the bank.

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  2. USED 1970 Fender Telecaster Blonde

    Immortality, that's what humans have longed for since the beginning of time. Y. Sandoval has achieved immortality in a weird way. Who is this person? Well, we don't know much, but he or she worked for Fender in 1969, 1970, and perhaps longer. This person took pride in their work because the 1970 Fender Telecaster we have has a rubber stamp ink marker, "Wired By Y. Sandoval" stamped under pickguard. How cool is that? I've seen a 69 tele that has the same stamp. I love that. Here you are working a job, it's a paycheck, then almost 50 years later somebody calls you and says, "You did an excellent job wiring the Fender Telecaster I just got." That would have to make to you feel great. Here we have a 1970 Fender Telecaster. It's all original with a maple fingerboard. The pickguard is original with the pearloid pattern on one side. The pots are dated 1966 which is correct. There is some cosmetic wear: a scrape down to the wood on one side, various nicks and dings. Overall, it's clean, especially considering the age. The frets are fine. It plays great, and sounds fantastic. Thanks to the excellent wiring job by Y. Sandoval, the electronics work perfectly. This is a great Telecaster and comes with original hard case. With any luck you might hook up with Y. Sandoval and have a drink, and talk about your guitar.

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  3. Suhr Modern Plus Curly Aqua Blue Gradient 2018 Limited Run

    One of a limited Edition of 200! The Limited Edition Modern Plus Curly features a beautiful Curly Maple top. This Gradient finish was previously only available on custom guitar orders. Suhr is especially excited about the variety of figuring patterns they see in the Curly Maple tops that were selected for this series. The sleek elliptical neck profile, balanced asymmetrical body, and innovative neck heel make the Suhr Modern an instrument without rival when it comes to performance and playability.

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    This Ball Family Reserve James Valentine signature guitar comes with a slab ash body in Vintage three tone sunburst. The highly figured oil and wax rubbed satin roasted flame maple neck is outfitted with 1/4" white dots, and hand fitted white binding which adds to the overall exquisite look. Limited in quantity to 46 pieces, each guitar comes with a back cavity cover autographed by James Valentine, a numbered certificate of authenticity, and ships in an SKB hardshell case. This guitar is #2 of 40 worldwide.

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  5. USED Vintage 1966 Gibson Melody Maker Cardinal Red

    OK, I realize I am a bit sluggish on certain things. It just dawned on that Gibson's Cardinal Red finish is named after the bird. I don't know why it took so long for that to click. Here we have a 1966 Gibson Melody Maker with the original Cardinal Red finish. It is all original with one pickup and tremelo. It's a cool guitar with great patina. Theres natural lacquer checking on the body. The neck feels great. The frets are fine and the electronics work perfectly. It has the old style knobs, black with a chrome insert. This is a cool, vintage Gibson. It's nice and clean with a pretty rare finish. It comes with a Gretsch Corvette soft case that fits it just fine.

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  6. USED G&L ASAT Classic Bluesboy 90 Sonic Blue Double Bound Body #7622

      I love the way a double bound Tele looks. When Fender introduced the Custom Telecaster in 1959, with a bound body and rosewood fingerboard, it took the model to another level of good looks. This USA made G&L ASAT Classic Bluesboy 90 is in 100% mint condition. Collector owned, we've looked it over very carefully and can't find any signs of wear. Frets are perfect. The neck is straight and true. Action is low and without buzz. The plastic protective coating is still on the pickguard. It has a number of very cool upgraded options - Double Bound Body, Schaller Locking Tuners, Vintage Tint Gloss finished neck, Quartersawn Maple neck. It plays and sounds fantastic. Comes with original G&G hardshell case, hang tags, certificate, and all paperwork.
      The G&L ASAT Classic Bluesboy 90 solves the age-old problem of this iconic design: How to get more body and attack out to the neck pickup without losing the warm tone. G&L has designed a great P-90 pickup that perfectly compliments the the twangy punch of their excellent MFD bridge pickup. With great balance and flexibility, this may be the ultimate Bluesboy.

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  7. PRS 509 Rare Charcoal Purple Burst 10-Top w/ Custom Options #8476

    This 509 should have left PRS as a Wood Library Special Run model but somehow did not. It has a spectacular flamed maple 10-top finished in a rare custom color - Charcoal Purple Burst, with a combination gold and nickel hardware. To top it off, this guitar has an Ebony fingerboard, Ebony headstock overlay, and Pau Shell Artist Grade original style Birds inlays. All these are options normally only available on a Wood Library guitar.

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  8. USED 1989 Fender American Standard Telecaster USA

    There's something about a black Fender Telecaster. They look so cool. We just got a good one in, a 1989 made in the USA Fender Telecaster. It has a maple neck, Alder body, original black finish, and original three ply pickguard. This guitar has had some money put into it and has been well maintained. The bridge pickup was upgraded with a Seymour Duncan APTL-1 Alnico Pro II (a $69 pickup) that sounds fantastic. The frets were professionally leveled and polished (a $120 job). The guitar has had a pro set up. It plays perfectly and sounds awesome. It's good to go right out of the box. There is some cosmetic wear and some chips around the edge of the body, nothing major and what you'd expect from a 29 year old guitar that's been played. Telecasters from this time period aren't that common. It does everything a Telecaster is supposed to do. Comes with molded Fender hard case.

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  9. Paul Reed Smith Silver Sky John Mayer Signature - Onyx

      "It’s been a dream of mine for years to design a guitar that includes some of my favorite vintage specifications but with a modern spirit and aesthetic. After two years of study and refinement, the Silver Sky is my vision of what a reboot of the electric guitar should look and feel like." – John Mayer
      The PRS Silver Sky is the result of a close collaboration between Grammy Award-winning musician John Mayer and Paul Reed Smith. More than two and half years in the making, the Silver Sky is a vintage-inspired instrument that is at once familiar but also newly PRS through and through. This model was based off of Mayer and Smith’s favorite elements from 1963 and 1964 vintage instruments, resulting in an idealized version of a vintage single-coil guitar. The attention that was paid to every detail sets this guitar apart.
      Some of the more distinctive specifications include, the headstock shape, tuners, neck and fretboard, bridge, and pickups and electronics. The headstock shape is based on PRS’s trademark design, but inverted to both accommodate Mayer’s playing style and also to keep a consistent length of string behind the nut, which makes staying in tune easier. The tuners are a traditional vintage-style, closed-back tuner, but with PRS’s locking design. The neck shape was modeled after 1963/1964 vintage instruments, and the fretboard has a 7.25” radius. The moment your hand grabs this neck, it just feels right. Like the tuners, the steel tremolo takes a classic design and incorporates PRS’s trem arm and Gen III knife-edge screws. The bridge on the Silver Sky is setup flush to the body in the neutral position so that the tremolo bridge only goes down in pitch. By keeping the bridge in contact with the body, the guitar itself is acoustically louder, which improves the signal to noise ratio of the single-coil pickups. The 635JM single-coil pickups are very round and full, with a musical high end that is never “ice-picky” or brash.
      Other high-quality specifications include a bone nut, a molded metal jack plate that is curved and makes plugging and unplugging a guitar cable hassle-free, retooled knobs, fretwire that is slightly smaller than what you’d find on most PRS electric guitars, and PRS’s double action truss rod (accessible from the front of the headstock for ease of use).

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  10. Ernie Ball Music Man BFR Stingray White Smoke


    A very limited run of Ball Family Reserve guitars. Limited to 39 pieces worldwide. This special edition Stingray guitar comes with pearl block inlays and a headstock that is painted to match the body. Featuring a custom White Smoke finish with a tortoise shell guard. Offering a beautifully figured roasted maple neck with rosewood fingerboard and hand fitted white binding. The headstock is painted white to match the body and the pickup covers are white to match the neck binding. Each guitar comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity and hardshell case.

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  11. James Tyler Studio Elite HD - Fire Shmear #8189

    Regular Price: $5,928.00

    Special Price $5,335.00

    This guitar has attitude, like a Shelby Cobra, or Jackie Fargo (A local Memphis wrestler that oozed attitude...check him out on YouTube, he was awesome). Here's a Tyler Sudio Elite HD guitar. This guitar is ridiculously loud and resonant when played acoustically (always the signs of a superior instrument). It feels alive when you play it. Strum an open G chord on it and you'll feel the neck vibrate in the back of your hand, and the guitars's body will move your chest. The electronics are extremely versatile. Not only does it have the midboost preamp with bypass button, there's an additional push/push button to tap the Super-X humbucker to a Retro. The body is Alder, the neck is quartersawn maple with an Indian rosewood fingerboard. It is set up with one humbucker and two single coil pickups. The neck shape is a standard 59' profile with a nut width of 1 11/16". It plays great, sounds great and looks so amazing. It comes with Tyler Deluxe hardshell case.

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  12. USED PRS 53/10 Limited Edition - Black Gold - Private Stock Top 1-of-100

      This guitar was owned by a collector and is in near mint condition. It has amazing sustain and is exceptionally resonant when played unplugged...so much so it almost sounds like an acoustic guitar. That kind of resonance is always the sign of a superior instrument. It's extremely light weight too....only 7 pounds 6 ounces! The frets are perfect, and the neck is straight and true. Theres a small ding at the edge of the top of the upper horn and a few extremely faint button rubs on the back. An easy 9 out of 10 condition. The tailpiece post screw on the treble side has some marks on it. The pickups and electronics all work as they should. Everything functions perfectly. The original PRS paisley case is included.
      Spec’d and approved by Paul himself, 53/10 pickups are the third installment in the vintage inspired series of PRS pickups and sound as warm as their singed appearance suggests. Paul worked with the PRS Sales Team to create a limited run of guitars around these pickups for their debut. Every aspect of this model, including its thin finish and excellent tone woods, was chosen to enhance the natural sound of these extraordinary pickups.
      The 53/10 model utilizes the same PF09 ultra-thin, semi gloss nitro finish that was used on Paul’s Dirty 100, which adds to the natural resonance of the wood. Paired with select mahogany backs and Private Stock grade quilted maple tops that Paul had set aside, this 100 piece limited run is truly distinctive.

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